1. Cyberghost

    The FCC just declared the new definition of broadband! 25 Mbps down, 3Mbps up!

    FCC more than quintuples the legal definition of 'broadband' It used to be that a paltry 4 Mbps down and 1 Mbps was all it took for an internet connection to be considered "broadband," but the Federal Communications Commission has just flipped that definition on its ear. FCC commissioners...
  2. kg11sgbg

    [QUERY] :--->WCDMA concepts and sim card availabilty .

    Guys,first of all please elaborate about the WCDMA technology. Are there any service providers in India,providing WCDMA sim card? What are its advantages/disadvantages over GSM?
  3. Harsh Pranami

    Wireless broadband providers in bangalore????

    Hi friends. Are there any wireless broadband service providers in bengaluru?? Only one I can think of is Wimax. I'm not talking about evdo or 3g connections. Please help.
  4. A

    Which HD DTH is the best ?

    I recently purchased a HD LED TV and am planning to buy a DTH. I would like to know about the HD DTH providers, the cost of the Set Top box.
  5. R

    Mobile Insurance Service Providers

    Hello, My brother recently purchased Samsung S Advance phone (he already lost a Motorola Defy on 6th day of purchase in Bangalore) and he want mobile insurance but he can`t find any Mobile Insurance Service Providers. please suggest some insurance providers.
  6. P

    Which ISP is good in noida

    Hello, Like many others using Airtel broadband, I too received a message regarding the increase in price hike, so i'm in search of alternative net providers. The thing i liked about Airtel was quick response from the field customer support and my net worked fine most of the times, the...
  7. A

    Cell phone location tracking in india

    i am trying to find out if a cellphone calls my service number, is it possible for me to get the location of the caller. would i have to go the service providers or is there some other way. i need the location to be as precise as possible and as real time as possible
  8. ax3

    Send sms using email ! ! !

    How does one send sms to any mobile providers using email ???
  9. V

    Is BSNL 3G good enough?

    I have been using Vodafone 3G(Mumbai) till now. Since Vodafone doesn't have 3G services in Mangalore, I need to look out for some other service provider. I was going through various service provider's websites and found BSNL having decent tariff plans which suit me -...
  10. R

    email service

    There are many email service providers in the market, but I want to know someone who can take care of everything for newbies, from installation to technical support etc.Are there any service providers of that sort?
  11. K

    Market Survey: Mobile Phone Network Service Providers in India..

    We are MTech students of National Institute of Technology, Calicut.. In Industrial Engineering and Management. As the part of our mini project in Marketing Management, we conducted this survey.. Questionnaire and Presentation PPT ..... Questionnaire: Mobile Phone Network Service Providers...
  12. O

    Plz suggest some Providers in Kolkata for 1Mbps UL

    Dear All, Currently I am using 'BB Home Combo UL 750' from BSNL. I now plan to migrate to 1 Mbps unlimited plan. Plz suggest me some good Broadband Service providers in Kolkata. Thanks in advance, Troy.
  13. hansraj

    Visiting USA, Required affordable SIM or Cellphone... help

    Guys n Gals, Shortly I am visiting USA for a couple of months and thus would require a US SIM or a Mobile to remain connected with my folks here in India. Did a survey and found these things so far, but at the same time would require the help of someone who has been to US before or...
  14. FilledVoid

    Sometimes I feel like stabbing Cellular Service Providers...

    Uploaded with Enough Said?
  15. Pravas

    Mobile Internet Andhra Pradesh Circle

    Can any one help me up with the Service Providers offering Good Gprs/Edge Plan??:?:
  16. S

    Wireless internet required.

    I’m working for an advertising company and my work constantly requires good hi-speed internet access! I’ve tried out many providers, but I’m not satisfied with the download speeds available. Could anyone suggest a suitable service provider?
  17. S

    Post Your Reviews Please!

    Hi! I’ve heard TATA Indicom Photon+ broadband USB modem has launched in Mumbai also. Is it so? Also, Reliance has also announced HSIA service through USB modem in India and I guess they got a huge response for USB modem in Mumbai. Any ideas on the schemes offered by both the providers.
  18. ax3

    cell prepaid users ! ! !

    how much balance do u keep ??? sometimes i just run outta balance bt max amount is 100rs ..... just a though, whot if service providers "SERVERS" r down = is ur money gone 2 ???
  19. din

    Hotmail, Yahoo etc in Thunderbid - Webmail Extension for TB - Any problems using it ?

    Recently came across this (may be I am too late lol) Webmail extension for Thunderbird Tried it for and it is working fine. This is something similar to Yahoopops ? By using this extension, am I violating any TOS of any email providers ? (just do not want account get...
  20. MetalheadGautham

    Free Web Hosting Providers

    Here is a list of good free web hosting providers I found: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. And here is a list of free domain name providers I found: 1...
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