1. patkim

    Is there any conditional call forwarding setting on Dual Sim Phone?

    On a dual SIM android phone is there any setting whereby if one SIM is OFF the call or SMS sent by anyone to that number shall be diverted to other SIM? Two SIMs belong to 2 different service providers. And does it happen automatically just by some setting without any activation done at service...
  2. G

    best isp provider in dahisar (mumbai) for lowest cs:go&dota2 ping.....

    best isp provider in dahisar which gives lowest ping(ms) in cs:go/dota2 Indian servers ......
  3. TechnoBOY

    Which 3g provider gives the best speed after fup ???

    which provider in india gives best speed after fup :|
  4. T

    Session management in android

    Hi all, I am developing an android application, I am trying to manage a session (just like jsp), I mean i would need a username from which user logged in and some other details between login and logout process. I was thinking about Shared Preferences or Content Provider but someone suggested me...
  5. SaiyanGoku

    Best 3g internet plan in MP/CG?

    I'm currently using Airtel 2G internet on Galaxy Y and found out that they stopped 3G services because of some DoT policy. So, I want to port out from airtel to any service provider having good and less costlier 3g plans (except Reliance). Please suggest a provider with some good 3g plans which...
  6. rohitshakti2

    WTB Set Top Box, Which Company is Better Tata Sky / Dish / Reliance or Any Other?

    I am having 3 TVs at home. One is CRT, one is plasma and last one is full HD TV. I want to know which service provider is giving better service at lesser prices. My preference TV channels are Sony, Colours, Star +, Hindi & English movie channels and some free news channels are the major...
  7. Harsh Pranami

    Broadband like plans on gsm??

    Hi friends. Is there any gsm provider that provides broadband like plans?? I mean most of them provide 3.6mbps or 7.2mbps 3g plans but the bandwidth is limited. Or Otherwise there is a speed cap after certain data use. Is there any provider that provides unlimited bandwidth @512kbps or @1mbps...
  8. I

    Best domain provider, hosting and website builder?

    Hi, This is not the first time I'm trying to build a website. I've done before recently and it's a bit amateurish. The domain, hosting and building all were done using GoDaddy. Here's the link: Home This time I want to build a better website with more resources, templates, options etc. So...
  9. D

    best 2g data and cell phone connection in MUMBAI

    which one is the best gprs data/gsm provider in mumbai i was using bsnl 2g 256 kbps (10 gb=245 rs) in my native place i used a 3G modem with bsnl and in network setting WCDMA only is there any other service provider with the same speed and data plan
  10. sumit_anand

    Deezer music services coming to Smart tv's!

    The craze of smart tv has made every streaming services provider to mark their reach in the smart tv's. Now Deezer, one of the major digital tunes provider is making it's reach with LG Smart tv's and it's expected to come to other televisions sooner or later.
  11. ash2win

    Best broadband connection in cochin

    I'm shifting to cochin. I would like to know best broadband provider with unlimited plans.(preferably wireless)
  12. ssk_the_gr8

    Which DTH HD provider should i go for?

    my main requirements 1) number of hd channels do not matter but ESPN HD is a must 2) STB should be the cheapest possible. (DVR option not required) and monthly subscription charges should be the cheapest possible too. 3) most important: channel changing should be the quickest. hate lag...
  13. Ironman

    I am fed up with this "Slow Speeds" & "FUP" . Any Provider with good speeds in KOLKATA

    I am fed up with this "Slow Speeds" & "FUP" . Any Provider with good speeds in KOLKATA I am absolutely fed up with BSNL ULD 700 or something like that .....which i use FUP 6 GB but every month they change speeds in near 4 GB .......... CHEATERS I am a heavy...
  14. C

    3g Modem and ISP compatibility

    Hi all. What is the difference between buying a 3G Modem like huawei and using it with any internet provider and buying the modem directly with the provider. I mean in terms of connectivity and speed . If I buy directly from the respective provider will it have any advantage? I'm planning to...
  15. R

    Best search engine optimization providers

    I am looking out for best SEO services provider.could you tell me the best service provider in jaipur?
  16. aaruni

    New Connection

    Please suggest a good provider for a pre-paid connection in B'lore. Please, need some help over here... Have to get the connection ASAP guys...
  17. balakrish

    SeedBox and Hosting?

    Hi friend! I want the following details. Best SeedBox provider in India or Abroad(but the service should be available in India) Can I host a site in a seed box? Who is the best in shared web hosting? What is the best hosting plan and provider for a site which downloads tons of...
  18. K

    Need Help Buying a Wi-Fi Router for my Home Use !

    Hi Guys, I need some help choosing a good Wi-Fi Router to be used at my Home. I wanna make my Home a Wi-Fi enabled area. I am completely duh on how Wi-Fi Router works except for the fact that I know that it gives you a wireless Internet connection within a specific area range. So I am hoping...
  19. Siddharth_1

    Want to upgrade to 3g!HELP!

    I want to upgrade to 3g, and i am unable to decide which service provider is the best in Delhi. I am looking forward use aircel service as it has very exclusive 3g plans but i am doubtful about its coverage. If not aircel which service provider to use.
  20. M

    best and cheapest call rates srvice provider

    Hi...guys I am From Mumbai,I need a cheapest call rate and sms ul atleast 150 per day service provider....plz help me choose one... Regards, Mandar.
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