1. josin

    [Complaint] please stay away from INfibeam, they are a bunch of cheaters

    please stay away from INfibeam, its hard to get a delivery from them I purchased Genius SP-HF1800A Three Way HiFi Wood Speakers with 50 Watt (Black) on 14/5/2013. i chose to pay them online(my Bad). the entire amount was paid and the delivery was promised to be on 20/5/13. Since they failed to...
  2. guru_urug

    Which ISP is good in Mumbai?

    Hey fellas, Im currently using a local connection called Worldnet. My plan is a 1Mbps one, unlimited along with Lan hub for DC++. But the speeds Im getting are very pathetic. Especially during the monsoons now Im getting less than half of the speed I was promised. And the pings are pathetic...
  3. mandarpalshikar

    My Experiences with Sify / TATA Indicom / Tikona

    Just wanted to share my thoughts and experince with some of the broadband connection providers Sify - had it from 2005 to 2007 (256kbps connection)... speed was consistent but frequent disconnection issues. TATA Indicom - had it from 2007 till last year - very good service and promised...

    Sony Ericson Live With Walkman WT9I

    guys, i got the mobile tdy mornin,so posting some quick shots of the phone as i promised... *
  5. gurujee

    bsnl 3g data card speed problem

    I recently purchased bsnl 3g data card with 3g sim. In the given bsnl interference window , it is showing that max received speed is 48KBps that means 384kbps. I want to ask is it normal speed as the company has promised upto 3.6Mbps. I am very confused about these speed thing. I am only able to...
  6. socrates

    How an Acer customer is treated.

    I write this as a very disappointed customer. I bought an Acer AS3810TZ – 413G32N in Feb 2010 from ‘Vijay Sales’ Prabhadevi showroom Mumbai. The first thing I did on reaching home was to try & make the ‘Restore Disc’s’. As this laptop does not have a optical drive I was talked into buying a...
  7. naveen_reloaded

    Gona buy a TV..suggest me guys.

    I presently have a 29 inch sony tv bought 3 years my mom is taking my sony tv and she promised me to get me one..whichever i suggest.. So suggest me one.. I prefer Size more than my present one...
  8. M

    Info Needed About Xbox 360

    Hey guys i have been bowled over by trailer of Gears of War.I want to buy xbox 360 .But since my brother is in ssc my dad has promised to buy it only in month of march next year. So will a modded 360 be available then?Thanks,
  9. T

    Kaspersky License problem

    Friends and Gurus, I bought and installed Kaspersky anti virus today. However the commercial license key expires on 17 april 2007, giving me less than 6 months instead of the promised 1 year. What is the solution? Kaspersky doesnt seem to have any.
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