1. B

    Shifting history, saved passwords from one system to another

    Hi, I wanted to shift the history, saved passwords etc. from my work Windows Xp to my Home's Windows 10 system. What I did was I copied the whole and the only profile folder from C:\Documents and Settings\ABCD\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles from the XP system, created a new profile...
  2. cyber_freak

    Changing my profile pic

    Hi, I cant seem to change my profile pic on this site.Pls,Can anyone tell me how to?.
  3. S

    urgent help pc screwed up

    My 500gb partion drive with windows 7 is pretty fcked up. Whenever i tried to log in it goes to temp profile. I have tried lot of things like editing registry for my profile but no use. I tried to install windows 7 on it again using upgrade option but it says my files are on different partion...
  4. ithehappy

    Google's new "Find My Phone" feature! How can only I access it but anyone else?

    I just saw that Google introduced some Find My Phone feature today, which is basically just a service with which you will be able to find your phone, and I tried that, and it works! The phone rang, even when it was set to Mute, the sound profile changed and made it to Ringer profile all by...
  5. Tenida

    Pramudit is no more with us

    TDF friends do you remember Pramudit He is no more with us. Know this news after checking his facebook profile. Rest in peace buddy. We miss you :(
  6. stellar

    Windows 8 Apps Problem

    I had problem with my profile in windows 8, while logging in PC was logged in temporary profile. I copied the previous profile files and paste in the new profile which fixed the problem. But when i go to Apps none of my apps opens. This includes Weather, Store and all. Just when i click it...
  7. srkmish

    Your Profile Pic Story?

    I have always been curious about the profile pic of different members in forums. So i will begin with mine. The kid in the pic is me smoking a chocolate cigarette. The other guy is my elder brother. We took this 'cool pose' pic when i was 7 :D
  8. F

    user profile service failed to logon

    my frnd is having dell inspiron n5050. he is not able to login to windows 7 because he is getting an error msg : user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded. he didnt changed the password, still not able to login . he has installed 2 windows xp and 7 , and is able to...
  9. TheHumanBot

    [HELP] XP Use Profile Got Reset It Self

    a user profile on XP decided to reset it self and lost the data from Desktop folders. documents mostly xls doc files. system restore is not working. and yes, data are really really important and it's not me a friend did this and i have to solve it some how. data recovery process is progress but...
  10. S

    my laptop cant detecte my wifi router

    my wifi router is not visible in my laptop,any how i resolve this problem, but problem is back after few days, im using kaspersky internet security 2013 (upto date). what i came to know is that my net profile have been changing to guest from private. so how can i solve this issue???
  11. tkin

    [Complaint] I hate Razer

    I bought a Razer Deathadder a few days back, mouse is absolutely perfect, beautiful design, comfortable as hell(more comfortable than Logitech G500), smooth feet glides over mousepad and I hate it. Why you ask, because, lets start shall we, it needs to connect to internet to work, you can't...
  12. M

    facebook problem

    hi i was recently downloading a software from the internet when ,in the flow,i accidently affirmed a request to post on my facebook profile by some other person .they manipulate my profile by liking odd pages and communities and posting feeds.i am unable to change my priorities to prevent...
  13. dalbir

    profile pic

    how to enter a profile pic?
  14. T Created my account automatically, how can I DELETE it ? Please Help

    Hey friends, I am experiencing a wired problem. A profile was automatically created on by the Brijj Staff. [ I did not create any profile for myself there ] I am getting regular e-mail updates of the activities in on my e-mail ID. I would like to DELETE this...
  15. K

    Low profile bracket for Nvidia GT 220

    Low profile bracket for Nvidia GT 220 Guys bought a Zeb Flair cabi for my HTPC ... But am not able to fit my video card Nvidia GT220 in to the slots , need a low profile bracket like this ... ATI nVIDIA Desktop Video Graphics Card Low Profile Half Height Bracket Combo Set (Rs. 1184)...
  16. L

    Leor Zahavi: Want to know about I phone

    Hello Friends, I presently have a Blackberry Bold and i'm intending of buying an I phone. On the other hand, I've been analyzing a lot on the internet that I phone doesn't have sound profile is it really true. Can any one describe me regarding this. Thanks, Leor zahavi
  17. baiju

    [Want to Buy] Low profile GPU.

    I want to buy a low profile gpu like this that can be fixed in my htpc case. Both AMD and nVidia are welcome, but I prefer nvidia. I'm not into gaming. It will be for pure htpc purpose. Models I'm looking for are GT440 or GT520.
  18. S

    Need some advice on Choosing OnMobile vs HCL Aero

    I'm currently placed in OnMobile with software -QA profile and a package of 4.5 LPA. I also have an offer from HCL Aero with core electronics profile and a package of 3.25 LPA. So,which of the 2 companies should i choose ? It would be better if you can give the pros and cons of both the...
  19. Pratik Pawar

    facebook TIMELINE query..

    Hi all.. since the last 2-3 months.. Im confused about the TIMELINE profile.. before starting to use it, I wanted to know from u all.. the advntgs & disadvntgs of TIMELINE (i.e + & - pts):mrgreen: and also of the previous conventional profile..:mrgreen: which one's better..?:-?:confused: I...
  20. RCuber

    {URGENT] Facebook Groups Profile Pic

    Hey guys, I need to add a profile picture to a Facebook group which I created. I cant seem to find a way to do it!!.. Facebook has recently updated their UI and its quite confusing on how to change the profile pic. PS: I dont have a Facebook account, currently I am using a temp account for a...
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