Shifting history, saved passwords from one system to another


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I wanted to shift the history, saved passwords etc. from my work Windows Xp to my Home's Windows 10 system. What I did was I copied the whole and the only profile folder from C:\Documents and Settings\ABCD\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles from the XP system, created a new profile in the system with 10 and pasted every file and folder there but I wasn't able to view the history and password from my work pc. I then created a new profile and copied only the places.sqlite, key3.db and logins.json files but still it didn't show the work pc's history and passwords. I am on leave to complete some project and I need the websites from the history urgently. What am I doing wrong here?



Maybe you should not be creating a new profile folder.Check thisBack up and restore information in Firefox profiles | Firefox Hel
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