1. Bhav

    Need help shell programing

    Q1.Write a shell program to generate the first 25 prime numbers Q2.Write a shell program to cipher all the text/content in any text document in the current working directory and also use another shell program to decipher it to read. Use any scheme for ciphering. Q.3Consider the following...
  2. gameranand

    Is There Something Wrong in my PC

    Guys I found something weired lately in my PC. I used to play games at decent frame rates some weeks back and now they are giving frame drops and My PC is kind of slow. Here are my PC Specs Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.00 GHz Intel DG965RY Mobo 2GB DDR2 667MHZ RAM 320GB + 2TB HDD Sapphire...
  3. Sid_gamer

    Need help in running 32-bit games in 64-bit OS

    I am currently using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and the problem is that when i run games like GTA - San Andreas, Psychonauts etc, the games run in the background but they don't start up and when I see the Task Manager for ongoing processes , there it shows that the game is running with the help...
  4. quan chi

    what are these files.

    hi guys. well whenever i try to end these processes from task manager i get this message:- the processes which gives this message are:- seccentre.exe and bdagent.exe
  5. M

    Unnecessary processes in taskmanager

    Hey guys, im uploading two pictures of the processes running, i havent seen any pc with so many processes running at the same time.... also im uploading a picture of startup apps. pls have a luk and help me stopping them frm running unnecessarily. im getting pathetic running speed of my...
  6. confused

    Suggest Program to view and modify Startup & Process list

    hi guys, i noticed that my dad's laptop has nearly 95+ processes running. Also its quite sluggish most of the times. So I installed Spybot and deleted most of the unwanted stuff from the startup list. Still on rebooting the no of processes is 70+. Its running on Vista Home Premium, and specs...
  7. bbalegere

    Kill all running apps with a double click

    I have created a batch file which determines all the process started by the user and terminates all these processes. It kills only the processes started by the user.These processes includes tray applications and background applications. Using this batch file you can free up lots of RAM...
  8. alexanderthegreat

    Urban Terror 4.1 installer doesn't work.

    Problem: Urban Terror 4.1 installer doesn't work. The Urban Terror 4.1 installer provided in the digit Dec 2008 By Demand DVD doesn't work. When launched, it slows down the system with no visual feedback whatsoever. When I run Task Manager, I see the installation processes sitting there frozen...
  9. S

    virus issue

    Hi can anyone give me the solution to this error message. wsscript.exe, please insert floppy drive. I tried to delete this in task manager and also applications,ana processes. thanks with regards sharan.patil
  10. V

    Linux Commands that should be avoided

    I am presenting some of the most fatal command in Linux, that could harm your OS within no time. Please don’t try these on your Linux distribution. 1. mv /home/yourhomedirectory/* /dev/null It is a simple command that will move the contents of your “home” directory to a “null” directory...
  11. Krazy_About_Technology

    IE 8's Crash Recovery and Performance Improvement Features

    With IE8, Microsoft is attempting to solve one of the most annoying problems with today's multi-window, multi-tab browsers; namely, the disastrous effect that a browser crash has. It is an unfortunate feature of most browsers that a crash in one tab takes down the whole browser instance. Whether...
  12. V

    looking to upgrade

    hey folks i have an IBM ThinkCentre Pentium 4 (2.6 Ghz and 256 mb RAM) and have never upgraded my computer. ever. i know it may sound pathetic and i won't deny that, but i love her to bits and don't want to get rid of her. well, not just yet anyway:) so here's the deal. i have recently learnt...
  13. D

    Man!!!Too many processes

    Help me guys.....Mine is a Dell Vostro 1400 with abt a 1GB of RAM and a core 2 duo processor.....My problem is there are abt 70 processes......I am a newbee to vista and a plz help me!!!
  14. D

    Memory Prob!

    hi guys im in a fix hr n wud b glad if u cud help i have a Dell inspiron E1505 which was running fine until a few days ago.... the problem is that i have pretty high virtual memory usage..... the CPU usage shown in Taskmanager is 5% around while the virtual memory usage is continously climbing...
  15. Ishan

    Screen Resolution changes automatically

    int my friends ACer Extensa 4620 Intel Core 2 Duo Intel 965 GM Express XP SP2 Whenever he restarts his PC the screen resolution changes automatically to 8 bit, 800x600. I tried to finf if some processes may be doing this but failed...Please help! I have posted the hijackthis log file
  16. S

    Why short-name for Processes in Task Manager?

    When we open Task Manager in Windows, then we can see the processes running under the current user's context. Sometimes it happens that the names of the processes are shown with short file names such as MyNote~1.exe instead of MyNotepad.exe. Why this happens? Does anybody knows? While searching...
  17. Ankush_is_here

    Intel D845GVSR Help Needed

    Hello guys i m Ankush Gupta i have intel845 GVSR Mother board now days it show many problem like restarting,hanging,no display but when i loose the clips of processes fan it work well help what will i do and tell me is it the problem of processes or mother board
  18. nileshgr

    Is this indication for a virus???

    Since 2 days, while startup all process start OK until it reaches the sendmail and next processes. Once sendmail is reached, it takes a long time to start and then same with sm-client. Then after all processes have started a blue blank screen appears for about 1-2 mins. then the login screen...
  19. ComputerUser

    Five SVCHOST processes?

    There are five SVCHOST processes running on my PC.What is this process for? Is it a virus?
  20. phreak0ut

    What are these zombie processes doing?

    Recently found on my Open SuSE 10.2. Why is it zombied and what does this process do?
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