1. Tenida

    Negative Experience denied my refund/replacement request.

    Hi Digit, Seller: WS Retail Order Date: 12 December, 2015 1:22 PM Bought Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime for my mom from FLIPKART.COM on 12th December. First problem faced on next day after getting the phone. Problem was Google playstore was crashing every time I am trying to install any apps. But the...
  2. D

    Problem with my HP Deskjet 1010 Printer

    I am using HP Deskjet 1010 Printer which is an inkjet one. Of late, I have noticed that all red is being printed as yellow and ash colour is printed as light blue. I am using genuine HP 802 cartridge. Kindly help me to troubleshoot the problem.
  3. V

    Laptop under 55K strictly.

    hey guys i am posting this on behalf of my friend,who happens to be a automation engineer. 1)Budget-55K strictly 2)size-14 to 15" 3)mostly gaming,for programming for Rockwell or Siemens software. 4)Configuration:he is aiming for i5 processor strictly because other processor cause problem...
  4. M

    LAN shows not connected but internet still works

    I have been having strange problem for some time: I have Airtel broadband linked through my TP-Link W8968 Modem/Router. From past few days I am getting Yellow exclamation mark on my network icon and it shows "Not Connected - No connections are available". Inspite of this I am able to surf the...
  5. D

    Trouble with Core FTP LE

    I use Core FTP LE for uploading content to website. Of late, I am facing problem with it. I have recently installed Core FTP on Win 8.1 Pro machine. Initially, it was working. But, now it has stopped working properly. Though I can connect FTP server with it, I am unable to upload/download any...
  6. Pratik Pawar

    Bluestacks problem

    I had installed Bluestacks on my win 7 a few months ago, initially it worked fine. since 1 month, whenever I start it, after few secs of progress bar, a blue screen appears and PC restarts again. where is the problem? Ram or any else?:-?
  7. Pratik Pawar

    Ext HDD Problem

    Guys Help..:-( My PC just cant read my 1TB WD ext HDD. since yesterday, the msg comes, "USB device not recognised" its nearly 3 yr old, & I always used to keep it connected 24x7x365 occasionally it detects, but still then I cant access all folders, some seen empty. once I opened a movie, a...
  8. Jaskanwar Singh

    steam downloads dont work in hostel!

    hi all, problem is steam client opens. but downloads don't work. they work on a 3g connection. however i can download from origin without any problem. any solutions?
  9. saikiasunny

    TP-Link Router Acting Weird with WiMax

    Hello Digitians I have this BSNL WiMax connection. I have their Home750 Plan. I am using a TP Link Wr740n router for the connection. Connection map is this= CPE>>Router>>PC It was working for a few days ( it was 512kbps fine). But connection went down for some days. When it recovered it...
  10. S

    Android YouTube app buffering problem

    Recently i started watching YouTube videos on my mobile. Earlier i used chrome for that purpose but unfortunately chrome doesn't provide any options to change the video quality and is by default set you the lowest quality.. Hence i had to switch to the android YouTube app. But since then i...
  11. vedula.k95

    Hey Guys i need some help regarding Rent issue?

    Hello Digit Forum, this is a pretty silly question,but i really need your help here,i am second year CS student and i am living in hostel,i am planning to shift to a PG after this semester(3 rd Semester). Hence i started to search a PG nearby,and found one. Talked to the caretaker,and finally...
  12. S

    Suggestion needed for service/RMA of Gigabyte B75MD3H motherboard

    Hi friends, I have the following system configuration Intel core i5 3470 Gigabyte B75MD3H Sapphire HD7750 1GD GDDR5 Corsair Vengance DDR3 4GB RAM Corsair 430CXV2 PSU WD Blue 1TB TP Link TD W8968 modem purchased in the month of March 2013 at Mysuru, Karnataka. Problem: I was...
  13. vito scalleta

    Router not assigning IP addresses

    my tp-link modem router is not assigning IP address to any device i try to connect to it What could be the problem :|
  14. jkultimate

    Mi4i Bluetooth Problem.

    Hi guys, a friend of mine has got a Mi4i, around 2 months back and his bluetooth was working fine. But after some days, when we sent a file through bluetooth to his Mi4i, it just vibrates. Usually after that, a "accept" and "decline" popup/notification should come right..? But now it is not...
  15. V

    Current Coming form MY TP-LINK WR740N

    I am having TP-LINK WR740N the problem is that the power adapter is giving mild current that i cant feel but tester shows it & it goes away when i touch the pin (i.e when the adapter get grounded ) or by connecting wan cable. I tried switching pins (Neutral - Live ) but no changes & i also...
  16. V

    32 inch LG LCD problem....

    Hello Friends, I have a 5 year old 32LD550 LCD TV from LG. I have not used it much (approx 10 hours per week). 2-3 days back the screen started flickering and now the TV does not start. There is no picture/light on the screen nor on the bottom indicating that the TV is on. Just a blue light is...
  17. S

    Help buying a keyboard under Rs.700 which has N-Key rollver(no ghosting problem)

    I want to buy a keyboard which does not have any ghosting problem i.e each keypress corresponds to a specific action . I need it because my previous keyboards don't let me play games which requires multiple key pressing simultaneously like FIFA.
  18. P

    PC wont boot plus indefinite restart cycle

    So here's my config : Motherboard: Intel DG33FB Processor: Intel E8400 Today., when I tried to switch on my PC the following happened. First, when I just switch on my UPS, the PC starts automatically, with the heat sink fan and the cabinet exhaust fan switching on for 2 secs, and then...
  19. I

    Any competent repair guys in Delhi?

    Hi all! My old and only Gigabyte P35-S3G motherboard has stopped working. It keeps restarting at the BIOS, after checking the hard disks. I gave it to my repair guy and he says that its a problem with the BIOS chip and that he cant find a new one to replace it. Hence according to him, I would...
  20. digibrush

    weird problem with my desktop.

    facing very weird problem. when I power on my Desktop, it was on, cabinet power LED is on, every fan inside cabinet including cpu fan is spinning and LEDs are on. But no beep, no display, no HD LED activity. Try to reset with reset button, nothing happen. Holding power button for long time...
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