1. Apollo

    [Contest] SKOAR! & DewArena’s Gaming Challenge, Win Rs 1 lakh worth gaming gear [Digit Exclusive]

    UPDATE: Challenge 6 is now LIVE... read on below for more information and the link. *EXCLUSIVE CONTEST FOR DIGIT FORUM / COMMUNITY MEMBERS ONLY* Attention all gamers! For the next few days, we have an exciting gaming challenge coming up for all of you to participate in. It involves loads of...
  2. kg11sgbg

    Sharing of a bit of Joy with TDF Friends...

    Well @TDF Friends, I have got a lottery of Rs.6,990/-(A Milagrow TabTob 7.16 PRO 8GB Tablet as GRAND PRIZE) from Milagrow HumanTech ;courtesy: Infibeam V-Day Tech Quiz Contest,held in Facebook. I was a participant in the quiz. Many of us were FULLY correct,but by GOD'S GRACE(LUCK!!! SHEER...
  3. A

    Blitzkrieg 12

    Blitzkrieg, 19-21 Oct, is the gaming tournament at Tathva, the second largest tech-fest of South India, at NIT Calicut. Featuring the hottest games on the e-sporting scene right now -- DotA Counter-Strike 1.6 FIFA 2012 Need for Speed: Most Wanted and for the first time ever in...
  4. mohityadavx

    100% Scholarship Sweden for Master in Engineering + prizes

    Got this mail thought some techno geek may find it useful :)
  5. D

    Full HD monitor/HDTV for PS3 and DTH

    Hi, I'm looking for a monitor with following must have specifications primarily to play FPS Hi def games and also watch movies (May connect with DTH or external TV tuner too in future). I went to Nehru place (Delhi) to check products availability as you get to see so many model on internet but...
  6. Vyom

    Intel India Embedded Challenge 2012

    Intel® India Embedded Challenge 2012 Prizes: I am not intelligent enough to participate, but I think, a few members can sure! :-D
  7. RCuber

    GPU-Z & PowerColor Giveaway

    I just downloaded the new version of GPU-Z and came to know that PowerColor has tied up with them for a give away. have a look at it . Source Link As I recently upgraded my PC/GFX card, I wont be achieving any low scores now :D So I hope some one else over here can win those :) EDIT...
  8. N

    cyber fiesta

    Department of Paper Evaluation & Presentation and Computer Science Association, BITS Pilani together present CyberFiesta 2011. It is an event to showcase your software design expertise.It involves presentation of pre-developed utility-based software developed by you which will be showcased...
  9. P

    Plz tell sonyoptiarc 24x dvd writer prize?

    Sony optiarc 24x prize model NAME IS AD-7240 SATA
  10. T

    June 2010 issue does not have prize code.what should i do????

    June 2010 issue does not have prize code.what should i do????Plz help.I bought it from a local vendor. he is not changing my digit. Please help.
  11. V

    Pepsi or Lays 50lakh contest..Real or Scam??

    Hi folks, Recently we've seen on tv the Pepsi"Youngistaan ka wow"contest or be it,Lays "your lays Flavour"contest,both offering a grand prize of 50 LAKH rupees.It just doesnt sound right,does it?.So is it for Real or just another brain wash or a Business Trick to make good sales and later fool...
  12. hluachawngthu

    Need suggestions for pen-drive

    I am planning to buy pen-drive 4GB+. I was using Transcend & A-Data so far. But I've lost 'em. Which product is good in terms of prize, durability, reliability and look? I am budgeting around Rs. 1000/-. Please advise.
  13. P

    How to claim the T-shirt prize from opensolaris quiz contest

    Friends My name is in the list of open solaris geek hunt T-shirt winners can anyone tell me how to claim the T-shirt as there is no information on how to claim the prize.
  14. evewin89

    enquiry about "digit festival contest"

    My mom (PUSHPA LAKRA) on 3rd Oct,2009 won a prize in digit festival contest. So I just wanna know when I can expect the prize to be sent by DIGIT to our home actually I m asking this coz I am very eager to see the prize. :razz:
  15. iinfi

    Barack Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

    Barack Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize US President Barack Obama [ Images ] was on Friday named the surprise winner of 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for his 'extraordinary' efforts to strengthen international diplomacy, hardly less than a year after coming to power. Obama has as President...
  16. T

    whats wrong with my dreamweaver

    hi there, whenever i try to run my dreamweaver 8 it says problem with your instalation a reinstall may solve it but when i reinstall it again says the same i try to install from another setup but problem is same can any one help me.SOftware is leagal which was given me in my college workshop as...
  17. MetalheadGautham

    AMD Launches first AM3 DDR3 CPUs - Phenom II X4 810, X3 720 Black Edition and X3 710

    * :D Check out the link. AWESOME NEWS. Best part is current AM2 users can buy one and wait till AM3 mobos stabilise in price and become truely VFM. The X3 720 looks like the prize. Very reasonably priced and designed for...
  18. O

    dual sim phones- help needed

    hey ppl, plz help me in selecting a dual sim phone my only requirements are 1> max on features 2> low on prize p.s i am a newbie in this area..plz speak english
  19. harryneopotter

    I won 3rd prize in Nvidia Optimized

    Hello Guys .. I started a thread sometime back about suggestions for a config to participate in Digit-Nvidia Optimized PC contest ( Click Here ) . I got some good points from u guys and a good config from DARKLOD (thnx a ton dude) and as u have known by now (from the title) that i won...
  20. Pathik

    Preity Zinta counting the Prize money after IPL

    ROFL!!! :D Taken from FE.
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