1. H

    Help needed buying all in one wireless printer

    I'm looking to buy an all in one wireless printer. I'll probably print 10-20 pages in one month and not print anything in another. This is going to be my first printer. So, I don't know about maintenance or cartridge cost or how long a cartridge will last or things like that. I can't figure out...
  2. Zangetsu

    MasterPrix Print Your in Gorilla Glass

    Corning launches Masterpix in India, lets you print your cherished memories on Gorilla Glass Corning today announced the launch of Masterpix in India. Masterpix is a service that allows users to print photos on Gorilla Glass. Source : Corning launches Masterpix in India, lets you print...
  3. josin

    Buying options for multi function printer

    My Epson L 210 printer died.. Authorized Service center guy says MOBO is not working and printer head is gone and he says it will cost Rs.6700/- plus taxes. I think there is no point in fixing it. So please help me to buy a new one. I print very less say 5 to 10 pages per month and 30% of my...
  4. R

    Python AUto LOGIn for broadband tikona ---invalid syntax

    I got this syntax for Tikona broadband autologin , i am using airwire so i changed the URL and i am trying to run in Raspberry Pi with python installed but i am getting error Orginal thread where source code posted, but owner has not posted in thread for long time #!/usr/bin/env python...
  5. P

    Need a single function laser printer

    Need a single function laser printer. Thinking of buying HP 1020. Is it a good choice? Additionally, i would also like a printer to which i can remotely give a print command. For example, say i am outside & want to print a doc. So i just send it to my printer over the internet & get it...
  6. Dr. House

    Buying a Colour Printer under 5k

    I am in urgent need to buy a good printer for normal printing notes and to print photographs from my DSLR. My budget is around 5k. Please suggest me asap.
  7. G

    Need affordable and good mfd?

    Hello, to all of you. I am planning to buy a MFD, my budget is Rs.6000 to Rs.7000, I want some good brand, actually, my main need is Scanning, and I print very occasionaly, but when ever I print, I print more than 20-30 pages, also I hear that If you don't print or use your Inkjet printer for...
  8. S

    Reliable Multi functionality Printer with reasonable cartidge efficiency

    I thought printer shopping would be easy and straightforward. But this is harder than getting a mobile where there are endless choices!! I don't mind paying a bit higher for the printer. However, my primary concern is cartridge price and efficiency. Cartridge business looks like a mega scam...
  9. Skyh3ck

    Need Monitor, Printer, AMD FX6300 AM2 Cooler, Keyboard and mouse

    Hello Friends Recently two of my Dell Monitor died just after the warranty period expired, really dont know how it dies without any heavy usage, hence i want to buy a new monitor now, full hd and NO DELL this time This things i am looking now 1) Full HD monitor, with great viewing angle, and...
  10. Skyh3ck

    Need Keyboard-Mouse, Thermal Paste, Spike Guard etc... Suggestion Please

    Hello I require following computers parts on urgent basis, will be buying from online shopws like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal. 1) Keyboard Mouse combo Usage is normal home, use office work, photoshop and typing, must be multimedia feature, wired 2) Thermal Paste Need good quality...
  11. vedula.k95

    Printing Good Quality T-Shirts

    Hello forum,this is my first post in lifestyle section. My question is quite simple,I want to print a good quality T-Shirt of XXL My Budget is around Rs-500/+-(Rs.100). I have checked out printvenue but one of my friend suggested that the Color quality and the material quality isn't...
  12. patkim

    Is it possible to include 'Digitally Signed' Security note on print out of digitally signed mail?

    Hi..I have a mail in Outlook Express 6 that's digitally signed by the sender. Security Note 'Digitally Signed and verified' also appears in the header when the message is opened in Outlook. When I print the mail though, that security note is not included. Is there any way it's possible to...
  13. R

    Printer + scanner machine suggestion required

    Hello Digit, I need to buy a Printer cum scanner cum fax machine for my home use. Please suggest me the and affordable one Ink cartridge refilling wise and print quality. I'm not going to print photos. Only document printing will be my use. Regards, Rishikesh
  14. B

    Buying a Laser Printer

    I have an old HP Laser Printer, HP 1020: * I bought it about five years ago for about Rs 7K. I...
  15. sujoyp

    Photobook creative idea

    Guys I am planning to print a photobook of my 80 pics...and I have no idea how to go I went to a good photography shop and he said 130rs per page which is 14x12 and folded into half ...I can fit 4 pics of 5x7 in that sheet thats 2+2 both side ...or can print one big like 6x10 etc They will...
  16. Revolution

    Laser Printer Refilling

    Hi, Guy, Where do u do ur refill for laser printer cartridge/toner and what the usual cost ? Actually I don't have much idea about refilling. I'm LF skilled and reputed shop. Heard doing something wrong could damage the expensive laser cartridge. I wanted to buy a mono laser printer for...
  17. ramakanta

    Print Screen Key

    I want save Image in a specific folder automatically when press Print Scrn Key . How , ??? is it possible ???. I am using Windows 7 OS .
  18. S

    Need a good printer urgent fast

    I need a good printer. I have HP printer but it totally sucks. It used to print pages only when it felt like doing it. Ink catridges always got over too fast without printing. And now paper gets jammed. So i need a new printer. My print work is very less hardly 10 pages per month. I need a...
  19. S

    Need a good printer

    My current printer is HP and i had nightmare time with it all these years. It would print something when it desired to print. Ink catridges get over withing few prints and now paper get jammed always. I am looking for a new printer prefarbly wireless. Can any1 suggest good printer. I dont...
  20. B

    Need a printer for 2-5k. should have cheap cartridge/ink

    I need a printer under 5k [cheaper is better]. my usage will include 4-5 black and white prints per month. and ~20-25 black and white page in every 6 months. Color printing is not necessary but it'd be great, if color printing is available, i will print 3-4 photos in every 2 months. my...
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