1. K

    Any to way to prevent from virus

    Hi Guys, I have a external hardisk. I am afraid of virus and data theft. Are there any ways to prevent them?
  2. aal-ok

    Help! Someone is hacking my wi-fi

    So, yesterday i was having speed issues, i checked and found that a total of 5 persons are connected to my wifi, and out of which only 2 are mine(phone and laptop), what should i do to prevent this, and if possible, detect those scumbags? my router is d-link 2750u.
  3. patkim

    How can I prevent facebook app from running in background?

    Does anyone know how to prevent Facebook from running in background on Android phone. On Redmi 1S no matter what I do it keeps coming back and hogs 50MB of RAM. As a last option I plan to uninstall the same, however before that checking if there's any remedy, pl. help. Thx.
  4. R

    Laminating External HDD

    I have wrapped my new Seagate external 500gb HDD in a rubber mat permanently( even wen using ) to prevent scratches. was wondering any heat dissipation problems due to covering the HDD. please advice
  5. harshilsharma63

    Help making PC disaster proof

    Hi. Today I met with a PC infection which almost destroyed my data. So, to prevent such mishaps in future with everyone, I want to make a collection of tools, utilities and tips/tricks to safeguard the PC from infection, to protect data in any sort of mishap, to clean an infected system and...
  6. M

    facebook problem

    hi i was recently downloading a software from the internet when ,in the flow,i accidently affirmed a request to post on my facebook profile by some other person .they manipulate my profile by liking odd pages and communities and posting feeds.i am unable to change my priorities to prevent...
  7. mohityadavx

    Prevent searching files windows 7

    How can i prevent searching of a particular file in my system.If possible a filetype. I want that when someone searches "*.docx" in my system search result shows nothing. Is there any way to do so. If not anyway to just prevent file individually from coming in windows search result. I am...
  8. GhorMaanas

    TV Tuner and DTH

    Hi, i have a secondary tata sky SD connection. i was planning to use my TV tuner card to record programmes from the DTH. however, i read on a forum that this isnt possible with current STBs as there's some inbuilt protection in them to prevent such a process. i would like to know is it really...
  9. Prince Sinha

    How to prevent access to drives in Windows in XP for other users!!

    Probably, we can prevent access to the drives like A, B, C, and D using gpedit.msc. But there are also drives like E, F, G and so on. How can I prevent the access to the drives E and F or say any specified drives? Here in gpedit.msc, if we enable that option to prevent access to drives then it...
  10. A

    error: windows shut down

    sometimes, windows of my pc automatically shuts down .... i have attached an image to show what happens after that... what should i do to prevent this from happening? if u require any other info/config of my pc please tell. :???:
  11. prttal

    What are the chances?

    If I invest into an xbox 360 what is the chance of getting the "red circle of death". What can I do to prevent so? Also, is Wii a good investment even if I don't count the graphics quality?
  12. ritesh.techie

    Prevent cut, paste, copy, delete, re-naming of files & folders.

    Prevent v 1.0 is a freeware app which runs on all Windows. If you don’t want anyone deleting or renaming or messing around with your data, maybe your younger sibling, then Prevent may be able to help you. The downloaded zip file consists of: 1. Prevent.exe 2. Pre_1 3. Pre_2 4. Read Me...
  13. R

    How to remove cookies

    I wish to rid my desktop of cookies like yieldmanager, fastclick, doubleclick etc. What good free software should I use, and also steps to be taken to prevent such nuisance. I am having Win XP(P) SP2 and MS Office 2003. How harmful are these cookies ?
  14. R

    YouTube downloads!!

    hi Friends! When i open a webpage with youtube video the browser automatically starts downloading the video. Is there any way to prevent the video being streamed(buffered) automaticaly untill i finish reading the comments to prevent wastage of my Bandwidth..?
  15. C

    how to prevent opera from acting as a torrent client?

    it's a feature but it's really annoying since i already use utorrent to download. how can i prevent opera from starting the download and instead download only the .torrent file?
  16. dhanusaud

    Monitor Internet & prevent *sage

    How *an I manage internet *sage. I mean I am in a main server in my offi*e. I wanna j*st monitor *ser's internet *sage & prevent them if they are *sing more then they sho*ld. Some g*ys herein in my offi*e wat*hes movies in yo*t*be & ork*t, whi*h effe*ts internet speed....does anybody has an...
  17. P

    CS 1.6 name of host

    In CS 1.6 others are changing my name when I am the server. How do they do this? How can I stop this? I believe they must be using "cmd name". What is the way to prevent this?
  18. A

    Am i secure..?

    I have several questions regarding net are those.. 1.I am using Avast antivirus,comodo firewall.. So am i secure..any other anti that i need(all must be free softwares)... 2.I have read several reports regarding BroadBand theft..some hackers manages to hack our BB account...
  19. A

    Prevent guests to view hard disk files

    On a single computer, how can administrator prevent the guest to view the files of certain drives... By default, windows only prevents guests to view the documents. Other files are public. I am asking that how can we prevent guests to view certain other files on hard drive through...
  20. R

    Vista-registry editing is disabled by ur admin

    How to correct this problem? I am signed in as admin. I installed NOD32 could that have altered something? some anti virus have registry protection. This thread suggest something Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc, in: User Configuration ->...
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