1. A

    got my new amd 4200 x2 rig thank u everone on this forum

    hello friends after wating for a long time and through help full gudiance of all my fellow friends on thisforum i have bult my new amd rig for 3d animation its running great and i hope it keeps on runing that way as i seriously drained out of cash ca afford to buy any thing else here is...
  2. rajat22

    NERO 7 Premium Leacked [Preview]

    NERO 7 Premium Leacked [Preview] for more information ... Click here Size : 521,560 KB
  3. A

    is ther compactibitlty isuue with asusa8n sli prem& croasir

    i had heard that asus sli deliux had compactibilty problem with crosair value ram does this problem still persist with asus a8n sli premium i wam going for a premium i wanted to use crosair but i dont want to take a risk with compactibility if crosair dosent work which one should i go with...
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