1. S

    Laptop for general uses Budget under 30k

    Want to buy laptop for my mother uses are only general uses, internet surfing .. horoscope working ..and watching movies some basic work and documents.. Want to ask if i can trust these 1. Dell Inspiron 3542 4th GEN I3 8GB RAM 1TB HDD WIN 8 1 1GB Intel Graphics | eBay 2.Dell Inspiron...
  2. S

    Which Mobile Handset to Buy – Need guidance..!!

    Which Mobile Handset to Buy – Need guidance..!! I have been trying to read specs, price and reviews of so many handsets available in India and am now fully confused. Pls help me which model I should purchase based on following attributes. Help me do a balancing act Pls. Your feedback...
  3. A

    Suggest me a Tablet 8" within budget 8-9K

    Its mainly for browsing , reading books and playing casual games. Good touch sensitivity is must. Screen can be 7", but 8" is preferable. Dev Support and can be upgraded to the latest Android.
  4. saurabh.sauron

    Linux/DOS Laptop

    I am looking for a Linux/DOS based laptop primarily for development. Here are my specifications: 1.) Good processing power (at least an i5) 2.) Onboard graphics preferable 3.) DOS preferable 4.) Small screen. Would prefer a 14" screen to a 15.6" one 5.) 4GB RAM fine. I would upgrade to...
  5. V

    [Want to Buy] Need Graphics card within 3k

    Need graphics card recommendations urgently. Budget strictly within 3000 System Configuration: Pentium dual-core E5500 @ 2.80GHz 4.00 GB DDR3 RAM ASUS P5G4 IC-M LX Motherboard Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Nvidia card is more preferable over AMD. Should support dx11 And run upcoming...
  6. T

    Suggest cheapest range of WiFi enabled LED TVs

    It should be 21" or above but not much big. Built-in WiFi is preferable.
  7. A

    Cheapest phone having support for CalDav and CardDav protocol

    Hi I had earlier posted this accidently on mobile and tablet section and not on the Buying Advice section. Request Boarders to share their view... I am looking for a basic phone. Having a good battery life (on standby, calling and 2G sync). My requirements are : - GSM/EDGE (do not mind...
  8. A

    Recommend Cheapest Phone having caldav and Carddav protocol

    Hi Friends I am looking for a basic phone. Having a good battery life (on standby, calling and 2G sync). My requirements are : - GSM/EDGE (do not mind 3G support but thats not mandatory) - Good battery life with decent response (Do not want to click address book and wait for 10 seconds to...
  9. S

    Cheapest Motherboard for i5 3450 ??

    Processor: Intel 3.1 GHz FCLGA1155 Core i5 3450 Processor | Processor | PSU: 400w, No cooler/heatsink Other devices: 19inch 1360*768 res monitor, 9400gt (i know its backdated), No optical drive, 160gb HDD(bought 3yrs ago, i've external 500gb do no worries for space) Sole purpose...
  10. A

    Wanna but a TAB...10 inch screen within Rs 15000

    Buying advice...tablet 15000 with good resolution Pls suggest me a tablet 1. With good resolution not 800x480 2. Android OS v3.0+or 4.0 preferable or any decent one will also work Range - Rs 5000 - 15000
  11. azzu

    [Want to Buy] A Wifi router

    As the title Says, want a fully working , non-Damaged wifi router,, My Location : Hyderabad , Andhra pradesh.. Price : preferable if its Below 1k , (preferable not compulsory)
  12. Sarang\m/

    Earphones at 1.3k

    Hi all i want to buy in ear earphones to listen music. My budget is around 1.3k. I dnt have too much knowledge about this stuff and these will be my first one after the stock earphones that i used. Buying from flipkart would be preferable. Thanks:)
  13. J

    Which DTH should I go for?

    Hi, I've been using the local cable all these years. With the launch of the Govt. cable services recently in my State, I am forced to go for DTH. I recently got a Toshiba LED TV, and after 2 months they gave me the coupon for the FREE Videocon D2H which comes bundled with the TV. It offers...
  14. R

    Help in buying LED TV

    Hi Friends, I am Rajkiran Singh from hyderabad. I am looking for a LED tv (32") in the range of 40 - 45K. Following are the features it should have. 1. HDTV content. 2. good picture clearity 3. able to play games. 4. should have USB connectivity and preferable on the sides (not...
  15. Admirer Of Digit

    *Please Help * 1 TB Ext. Hard Disk

    Hi, I wanted to purchase external hard disk of 1TB usb 3., preferable 2.5" Please help me for which drive i should go for......
  16. S

    Best computer shop in Bangalore, SP Road ?

    Guys, Any idea which would be the best computer shop in Bangalore in terms of reasonable prices and very good support ? Shops in SP Road would be preferable. I am planning to assemble a rig in a month. Thanks a lot.
  17. Pathik

    Books for J2ME

    Suggest some good books for J2ME. Head First types preferable. And any idea when Head First ll come up with a J2ME book?
  18. H

    Suggestions for Laptop and Camera.Pls Help..

    Laptop Cam Sugg The budget for Laptop would be 40-60 K.(Around 50 K preferable) and for the camera would be upto 20 K.(15K preferable)
  19. T

    santa cruz area best net provider ISP

    i am soon shifting to santa cruz and want to know which will be the best ISp there. ISP with LAN are preferable. if not then only the ones with good unlimited data plans.
  20. CA50

    waterpark-video related

    :) :) hi pals :) :) i just want to know if there is any software (paid/free, free is preferable) to add watermark to a video file. please provide the link.:rolleyes:
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