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I need a powerpoint presentation with images and animation on JAVA programming language. nearly 7-10 slides.
I have found out some but they are not attractive . I want Java powerpoint presentation for seminar which i have to give . And i Got to explain while presenting slide. "AS ALL KNOW FIRST IMPRESSION ARE LAST IMPRESSIONS". It would be great for me if someone can Send me powerpoint presentation slides on java programming. I want images in slides and text should be easy to understand and i am thinking also about animated slidesi.e a character performs a trick like "MS-OFFICE assistants do" (ANIMATION IT IS OPTIONAL)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! guys i need it till sunday evening. PLease help me

YOU CAN E-mail at: dashang4galaxy@yahoo.co.in


God of Mistakes...
Make it urself dude.. Don't ask for ready made (when u have time to do so)

We can help with SOME points. But I think, no one will give u READY MADE ppt.
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