1. Zangetsu

    Asus ROG GX800 launched the most powerful gaming laptop

    Asus’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) has announced the launch of Asus ROG GX800. The company claims that this gaming is laptop is the most powerful on the planet right now. However, the device can be ordered on request for an insane price of :cryeyesout: Rs 7,97,990 as GX800 comes equipped with Nvidia...
  2. A

    HP Omen Laptop Vs Desktop

    Afternoon ladies & gentlemen, It has been a long time since I have been on these forums and finally I found a reason to come back. Remembering as to how helpful the people on the forum are I decided to seek your advice. I am planning to upgrade my 3 yr old laptop and I am confused between the...
  3. GhorMaanas

    [URGENT - Mini Laptop] Asus Eeebook X205TA, or Lenovo Ideapad 10080MH0080IN?!

    Hello! need a mini laptop for parents. have shortlisted the two models in the subject. the asus one has lesser RAM but seems to have more powerful battery. anyway, which one would be the better of the two? the Lenovo model is under lightning deal for a few hours more today. pls suggest ASAP. TIA!
  4. seamon

    980Ti is not that powerful

    Can't max out GTA V at 1440p with AA. I am getting like 30-40 FPS.
  5. digit.sh

    A no-nonsense, no fancy hardware, no larger than 14', intel based laptop with good battery and build

    Hi I urgently need a laptop. My requirements are: 1. Good battery life(more than 4hrs) in normal use in lower brightness. 6cell battery a must. 2. Good build quality. 3. Solely for development in Linux platform, so no fancy harware like dGPU and no AMD cpu/apu. 4. Fairly powerful. (Intel...
  6. 7shivam1

    In-ear/HEADSET around 1k

    ola amigos last time I made a mistake by buying Phillips SHL300 @ 588rs. these were good but I was dissapointed because their power was same as my old Skullcandy jib .. and actually felt little low too. >so before late I quickly listed them on olx and sold it at 500 bucks. Now I think i...
  7. S

    Lappy help!! Anyone

    I decided to purchase a laptop but i am in dilemma between HP D103tx and HP n204tx asa the latter has good processor with higher clock speed and the 204t has old but powerful 740m gpu. So, i need an expert advice on what to choose and why considering every point. Reply ASAP...
  8. R

    FX 8350 with HD 7970

    I have a FX8350. I'm thinking of getting the Sapphire HD 7970 3GB DDR5. I heard somewhere that this card is too powerful for 8350 and it'll bottleneck. Is it true? How do the FX8350 and 7970 perform when paired together?
  9. rst

    help me in buying graphic card

    i have 440 w psu. So i can not go for high amd graphic card. i don't want Nvidia card as they are less powerful than amd card in same price range. i am confused about amd 5670 and 6670. I know 6670 is more powerful than 5670. But what about these fact , PassMark Software - Video Card...
  10. Cilus

    Asus ARES II gets Tested

    Guys, guru3d has pulished a review of ASUS ARES II which combines two HD 7970 GHz Edition GPU, with a 6600 MHz 6GB (3GB per GPU) overclocked Memory and a Water cooling block in a single package. It claimed to be 13% powerful than GTX 690 and 130% powerful than a HD 7970. Well check the review:-...
  11. mrinmoy

    What can be the most powerful home pc at present?

    Well what do you think? What can be the most powerful home pc at present? Which can play all the latest game flawlessly at highest settings. Which can easily handle photoshop or maya. I am not going to buy this (I can not if i wish to :cry:) I am just asking. Think it like a casual discussion...
  12. M

    Most powerful 2.0 pc speakers

    Hi, I live in an apartment and my downstairs neighbours are really sensitive about my pc gaming with loud volume in my 2.1 speakers. I figured it out to be the subwoofer. So i am about to buy a new stereo speakers without subwoofers. I want to get the most powerful ones available. Can anyone...
  13. M

    A New Multimedia Laptop

    I want to buy a new laptop cum a mini-theatre. My budget is around Rs 40000. Though I will use it mostly for watching movies it won't hurt to have a laptop which is even more powerful and plays games like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Portability and battery life doesn't matter. What options...
  14. A

    Where to buy meizu mx?

    The quad core meizu mx is really a powerful phone . I know its not available in india . Wanted to know is there a way to buy?
  15. A

    powerful laptop at 75k

    Budget : 75k plus-minus 5k Size and weight : 15.6 inch preferably. Do not care about weight/thickness/elegance just want powerful laptop Screen : Better than 1366 × 768 if possible Brand like/dislike : none Processor should be 3rd gen i7 because I wont buy another laptop for atleast...
  16. clerkman1612

    Want a new Mobile under Rs 9000 Budget?

    Guys:-D Following is list of my answer for questionaire provided in Digit Forum Site:- 1) Budget :- Strictly Under Rs 9000 2)Display Type n Size :- TFT n 3" 3)Form Factor :- TouchScreen 4)Prefferred Choice of Brand :- First is Samsung n Second is Nokia 5)Prefferred Input Method :- Touch...
  17. xynidexxx

    Will "it" bottleneck !!

    Hi guys:smile: oops rather geeks:grin:, my asus gtx 560ti dcII top has arrived(with a free batman arkhum city game:greedy:) and i'm just waiting for my gs600 psu. Now all said and done, i have a serious question hovering here and that is: Will my old E7200 2.53Ghz processor with my 4gb ddr2...
  18. ashis_lakra

    Powerful Baby :)

    Finally, i was able to dump my c2d processor and got my entire components new. I know Cabby is too outdated, but i m too lazy to go to Sales Tax office to get form 50. Anyway, the cabinet size is less than mid-tower, doesnt take too much space, no overclocking, but still this is the most...
  19. amrit1

    The World's Most Powerful Computer

    Japan's Fujitsu has developed this powerful machine named as "K". The World's Most Powerful Computer Equals One Million Desktop Computers Tied Together Read more: Japan Has The Most Powerful Computer In The World
  20. Gaurav265

    Your best games

    Hey,guys i want play action games like just cause 2,prototype etc if you play a very nice game a powerful character's game then pls specify.i hate rpg and fps.
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