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  1. A

    Is Blackberry PlayBook Still a Good Choice?

    Blackberry Playbook 64GB is available on Amazon for 11k. Is it still a good deal. I will require this tablet mainly for reading and browsing. I already have my iPhone for my gaming needs. So is the Playbook still a good deal? It really seems tempting at 11k. Please Help Guys!!!
  2. V

    buying of blackberry playbook

    Hi i want to buy a tablet at a range between 10k to 15k so i chose a blackberry playbook... Because i'm fan of blackberry. So let me suggest my choice is right or wrong........ And please give me a present information about it's os,features,etc.... And also suggest can it help me in my...
  3. A

    [For Sale] 10 month old Playbook 16GB

    Product Name: Playbook 16GB WiFi Expected Price: Rs 6000 Cash Shipping charges : nill ( Mumbai ppl only) Manufacturer page URL: BlackBerry - PlayBook Specs - New RIM PlayBook Tablet - India Description if any: no single scratch on screen or back (some scratch on screen guard )...
  4. A

    16GB BlackBerry PlayBook being discontinued

    It looks like if you want to pick up a 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook you'll want to do so sooner than later. Forums member from crackberry.com received an email from Research In Motion yesterday that made it pretty clear that they will not be offering the 16GB model in the future Source
  5. A

    New BB Playbook or 3Months old Motorola Xoom

    I am planning to buy a tablet at around 20k .... After a bit of research, I zeroed in on the BB Playbook 64GB.....Also a friend of mine is selling his xoom for 20k which he bought in January 2012 and has been sparingly used... Which of the two option is better or is there a better...
  6. NoasArcAngel

    Suggest grey market dealers in bangalore!

    I am in bangalore planning to buy a blackberry 32gb playbook. I have been scouting around and i can find that the cheapest 32gb playbook is for 15.5k with standard bill and warranty. I have been told that areas like national market, majestic and burma bazaar offer grey market goods at...
  7. iinfi

    BB Playbook vs iBall Slide?

    I have a budget of 15k for a tab. wondering whether to go for a playbook 16gb or iBall Slide. i have to compromise on no-internet on the move, if i go for a playbook. BB doesnt seem to support Netconnect Dongle or any other wireless internet devices (except BB itself) whereas if i go for...
  8. V

    tablet under 15k

    I wanna buy a tablet with a budget under 15k. Requirements : decent display smooth working support for games good battery I was thinking for playbook . After the price fall 16GB is available for 14k and OS update also gives the opportunity to install android apps . Few...
  9. S

    Budget 24k.. Advice needed !!

    I started off with a budget of 20k and was left with no good options. Now i have painfully raised my budget to a max 24k. I would like to know which is a better option between these two ? (1) BB Playbook + Htc Explorer = Rs. 23,000 (2) Htc Sensation = Rs. 24,000 My requirements : (1)...
  10. prateek007391

    Is Blackberry Playbook Worth Buying

    The blackberry Playbook is priced something around 13-14K on Various online stores like junglee.com, Flipkart, and eBay. Is it a good buy. I was thinking about hardware as 1Ghz A9 Dual Core processor, 1GB Ram, 16GB Storage(Bummer! its not expandable). 7inch Touch Sensitive Display. The...
  11. V

    Blackberry PlayBook 3G+ Specifications Leaked

    Blackberry PlayBook 3G+ Specifications Leaked via RIM 2012 Roadmap. Blackberry PlayBook 3G+ Specifications Leaked
  12. V

    Blackberry Playbook 64GB now at Rs. 19,990

    RIM has further slashed the prices of Playbook 64GB version Blackberry Playbook 64GB now at Rs. 19,990
  13. har

    My Blackberry Playbook

  14. hdsk.23

    RIM (Research In Motion) Prices Slashes by 50% New Year Blast!

    Festive move: RIM slashes PlayBook prices by 50% Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM) has slashed the price of its PlayBook by more than half to Rs13,490 for the 16-GB version to cash in on the festive season and rising demand for tablet PCs in India. "The 16-GB version of the PlayBook...
  15. H

    Help Buying Tablet!

    Hi everyone:-),I want to buy a tablet pc today,my budget is 18-25k ,plz suggest me the best tablet at a good price(i can do online buying too) My options till now are blacberry playbook wifi 16gb - 20k galaxy tab wifi -20k anyother? plz guide me asap:smile: btw happy Diwali to alll:grin:
  16. socrates

    PlayBook in trouble, if not dead, says analyst

    Prediction comes just two weeks after RIM promised that PlayBook upgrades would come in October. PlayBook in trouble, if not dead, says analyst - Computerworld :shock: & now the prompt rebuttal RIM calls report of PlayBook's demise 'pure fiction' Rebuts analyst who said RIM planned to...
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