1. Ayuclack

    New Laptop Under 1 Lac

    So I need a good reliable laptop to do every day stuf and programming, mainly PHP ,JAVA, ANDROID Studio etc. I already have a HP Envy 15 Jx001 with Intel Core i7 4 Gen ,16 RAM and Adata 256 GB SSD. I am planing to get the MACbook pro 13 inch 2015 with 256 GB SSD for 96k. Any suggestions ...
  2. T

    Top 5 Games to play as India [Original Content]

    First off, apologies if this is the wrong forum. Just wanted to share some gaming-related content I had created for my new website. I've done a small pocket-sized review of the top 5 games where you can play as India: Top 5 Games to play as India | theDIC I'm planing to do more...
  3. B

    HP Pavilion G4-2049TX or HP Pavilion G6-2010AX

    Hey there, Please help me to decide :( HP Pavilion G4-2049TX or HP Pavilion G6-2010AX Purpose: Gaming * Video editing Image editing Coding Movie Browsing I was planing to buy HP Pavilion G6-2010AX but it has got heating problem :(
  4. D

    query regarding MSI

    i am planing on purchasing a gaming laptop, my budget is 86k i have selected a laptop model from MSI but i dont know much abt the company so i had some questions 1. how is the built quality and are MSI laptops durable? 2. how is the after sales service? 3. any known issues of the MSI...
  5. V

    Plz Advise

    My present config is Gigabyte G31M-S2L Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66GHz 2.00 GB DDR2 Seagate 250GB HDD UMAX nPOWER 450W PSU 1. I am planing to buy the xfx hd 6670 @5300/- Is gaming better in win Xp or Win 7. i have both installed. 2. Which is better GT 520 or HD 6450
  6. game-freak

    best brand for gtx 570

    i am planing to buy a gtx 570 wanted to know which is the best gtx 570 brand available and at what price
  7. happy20b


    Dear all I am planing to overclock my proc and IGP of my desktop which i bought around 6 weeks back. My pc config is as follows. AMD A II X4 630 ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO CM ELITE 310 --> planning to add 2 fans next weekend FSP SAGA II 400W WD BLUE 500GB TRANSEND 2GB DDR3 --> planing...
  8. A

    buying phone from

    is anybody had any experience of buying mobile phone from ? is is reliable ? they show me price Rs13200 if they charge any extra charge while shipment ? eg. VAT TAX etc i m planing to place order next month for Samsung i7500.
  9. happy20b

    Help me in Buying NEW DESKTOP

    Dear all.. I had to edit this page because i am not able to create new thread.. Ok im planing to buy new PC and i need help from you ppl in making right choice.. 1] im planing to get gfx card from US eigther GF9500GT or GF9600GT but im confused now.. from the following link can u sugest me...
  10. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Airtel Internet connection via Mobile

    Hi guys....i've been using BSNL netone for a long time but now i badly need a plan luking for the "Cheapest Unlimited Wireless Internet connection" in Kanpur,UP...i've seen TATA and RELIANCE stuff and there rental sucks...i dont realy care much about the speed untill it can let me...
  11. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Planing to buy a new desktop...need suggestion

    hi planing to buy a new desktop...i need it mainly for hardcore gaming and multimedia purpose... ma configuration is: Intel core2duo 1.8 ghz 3 GB DDR-2 800mhz intel 964 original mobo n-vidia 256mb graphic card a 19 inch LCD montior 4.1 speaker system.... plz suggest me more things...
  12. K

    mother-board help

    i am planing to buy new PC......i am working mainly in editing software & 3d-apllication.........does server board suits me.....i am planing to buy ASUS KFN4-D16/SAS server board..............................plz help me out..
  13. D

    need to know abt Nokia 1600

    hi everybody i just want to buy a simple phone , can any body tel me abt nokia 1600 i wil be planing to buy in 2 days kindly tel me something abt it thanks
  14. eagle_y2j

    Compare for me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    :P I am a regular windows user and having a pc with dual boot xp and 98se but i am planing to change microsoft 98se with Linux UBUNTU can someone compare 98se with UBUNTU in all respects................???????
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