1. utkarsh007

    Photoshop the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

    Hey guys i am having a very unusual issue.. when i run 32bit photoshop on my pc it works fine but when i run 64 bit it gives the the 0xc000007b error.. i used dependency walker nd got the following.. please suggest a solution Image: also let me tell u that while installin opengl in my lappy...
  2. P

    Laptop around 44k

    1) What is your budget? Around 44k...dont mind 1k or 2k extra 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Above 14" is good...15.6" preferred 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? Havent heard anything good about Acer so far so Acer...
  3. theserpent

    Where can i sell my photoshop works

    Hey guys where can i sell my photoshop works??
  4. K

    Best Laptop Between 25k-40k? I'll Be Using Softwares Liks Photoshop, Coreldraw,etc.,

    I'm looking for a laptop within a budget of 25000-40000rs. I need it for personal use and office use. What I do in laptop: I'll running some big softwares like photoshop, coreldraw, etc., and many other softwares including VPS(remote desktop). I'll be using the laptop minimum 18hrs a day...
  5. D

    A Rig for graphic designing & TV Recording

    Hello Guys, I am in search for a new PC. I already have a basic one (Pentium Dual Core) which serves my Photoshop needs. But for new PC, I am looking for some other tasks as well. These are 1) Basic Graphic Design: Brochure, Flyers, web design layouts etc. Will use PHOTOSHOP CS5. NO high...
  6. mayoorite

    My first ever creations in Photoshop

    Hi! There is an inter house one act play competition in my school ,in which each house have to design 4 pages brochure about the play.So i learned few basics of Photoshop CS5 and made it here are those.... And the flamy title of my house that i made is... now some watery... Thanks!! These...
  7. S


    i reinstall the photoshop now m getting if i change into 800x600 its show 2.9gb,whats wrong is this thing happening due to virus,i have kaspersky internet security 2012 upto date
  8. S

    having problem with hindi fonts in photoshop

    guys im having problem with hindi fonts in photoshop normally i convert to hindi word with help of google translitertion like i type yatri in google to get यात्री and paste it in photoshop but from few days im having problem when i paste same word on photoshop i get undesire result.
  9. theserpent

    My first Photoshop tutorial

    Hey guys this is my first tutorial i made a2graphics
  10. kool

    need photoshop tutorial

    I want to create image inside text. How can i do that.? like this::
  11. T

    System performance!!!

    Pals, needed to know how to increase my system performance. Without buying new system. Rig: AMD x3 - 2.3 3gb ddr2 250 gb seagate HDD . Usage: Photoshop cs2 - 14 hrs non stop. Options I think- 1. Setup raid 0. To boost system and photoshop performance. 2. Use ssd HDD as system cache disk...
  12. O

    need to buy i7 laptop

    I want a i7 top model laptop. Graphics card should be good. Dont prefer gaming laptop. Thickness doesnt really matter but less than alienware. Budget isnt a problem but below 100k. I dont want mac. Ram should be good beacause i want to work with photoshop, android and windows programming...
  13. theserpent

    [Want to Buy] Just asking-Price of photoshop

    Hey i just want to know whats the price of an photoshop cs4/cs5 in usa. Is it less than 500$?If yes then which version. Thanks(Sorry if i posted in wrong thread)
  14. Y

    Graphic Card Suggestion ?

    I want to buy a New graphic card with price range 5k to 6k for the following system. I am a Web designer and i do a Lot of web browsing and Graphic works like photoshop etc . As my Monitor has 1600 X 900 Resolutions at present text is not clear.
  15. H

    Sandy bridge or Bulldozer dilemma

    Hi Everyone This is my first post on the forum. Found this forum really good for some expert advise. :smile: Well I am in bit of a confusion right now. Need you guys to help me out. I am planning to upgrade my current system with something than can handle all upcoming games (at 1600x900 and...
  16. D

    Core 2 Duo extreme or Core 2 Quad?

    I currently have dual core 1.8Ghz looking to upgrade it to either one of them im really confused on which is better work includes gaming and mostly photoshop and me out to buy the better one...
  17. S

    overloaded fonts

    my younger brother installed 10,000 fonts in my Pc,now im having problem with fonts specially when im using Photoshop my pc hang up for 3-4 mintues to load fonts.but i dont want delete windows default fonts,is there any way to extract default fonts from windows xp bootable cd,so that i can...
  18. mohityadavx

    Photoshop Mask Mode problem

    Hi! I am using photoshop CS5 and I am suffering from a strange problem, photoshop is not selecting parts of photo in mask mode . for ex:- If i am selecting a face it will not select some parts near the eye, leave some more parts near the eyes , or some space at cheek. This makes the whole...
  19. mohityadavx

    Photoshop problem

    Hi I am a newbie at photoshop ( using CS5)and basically learning it through videos at youtube. I am suffering from a strange a problem whenever i select region of photo in mask mode and then click inverse ( otherwise it select all the area except the area i want) It gives a message:- Warning...
  20. Kishal

    how to convert 2d image ro 3d anaglyph

    I've got a freakin comp. project at school about 3d stuff. i need to make some 3d anaglyphs(the red and blue stuff). i read some tutorials fr photoshop, but they require two images. however, i've been provided with a single image only. I tried using conversion stuff such as T3D...
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