1. M

    Help regarding PES 15.

    I bought pes 15 from amazon. It's the steam version. I can't play multiplayer. I try to go to online mode and it shows something needs to be updated and it fails and it happens everytime.. How can i play pes 15 online? Please help me with this. Is there any external source to download the update...
  2. srkmish

    Which is better - fifa 14 or pes 2014 for PSP

    Hi Friends, I am having an itch to dive back into fifa gameplay. Last i played fifa 09 and pes 08 i think and enjoyed it. Which would be the better of the 2 in terms of gameplay , skills improvement. Basically i want something which i can enjoy from the word go and also must have plenty of...
  3. Alok

    Fifa or pes !

    Yesterday night i was playing real football 2011 on my N8. I feel too happiness to win by 8-0 in easy mode. Now i can't wait to dribble on my pc. I want to buy one. I want to know that which one (FIFA 11 OR PES 11) has better controls and which will let me to easy goals:) :)
  4. blackhole

    PES 10 - Invisible ball Issue

    i play pes 10..ball is me plz
  5. M

    Suggest a good FPS

    Plz suggest me a good FPS. Just to give you an idea, I like games which 1. are enjoyable (I loved Crysis and its expansion, hated Far Cry 2) 2. are not too dark (thumbs down to FEAR and SWAT4) 3. do not belong to world war genre (got bored of COD and MOH series) 4. do not cost a bomb (under 800...
  6. D

    Two Player Games

    Can some of you please list the 2(or more) player PC games that can be played on a single PC(1 player on gamepad,other on keyboard) I'll list those about which i already know- FIFA PES NBA NHL Left4Dead Does Street Fighter support 2 player(on the same pc) mode..
  7. ajai5777

    Suggest me some games

    First I'll tell the names of games that i like and I dont. I like 3rd person action games. GTA series Hitman Series Max payne series Prince of persia series Splinter cell series Matrix : Path of Neo (personal favourite) Mafia etc.. I hate First person shooter games I havent played any...
  8. IronCruz

    PES 2005

    I have installed PES 5 Game. It is very nice. But i want latest players and teams. So can anyone tell me where can i found the updates.. plz. provide me the link will be greatful to me........
  9. R

    PES 09 Hamachi room

    any of u wanna play or play pes 09 using hamachi. if u already have a hamachi room plzz post the login details else if any1's interested we can create our very own TD pes 09 room
  10. evil_maverick

    pes 09 sound problem!!

    hello ppl... m havin a lil prob wid ma pes 09 (pc).. the thing is every time m playin da game..jus in the middle..the commntry gets stuck!! and the commentator keeps on repeating the same thing again and again for atleast a few minutes..until a goal is scored or a foul is committed.. and...
  11. abhijit_reddevil

    Pes 2009

    Hi, Anyone played PES 2009? How is it and how is it different from PES 2008? Gamespot have not yet posted the detailed review so I was wondering... Thanks.
  12. C

    PES 2009: A look

    So I got the PES 2009 demo today. I've been awaiting PES with much excitement, after the disappointment caused by FIFA 09. The demo version contains 6 teams: Manchester United and Liverpool (which are the two licensed clubs in the Premier League this time) Barcelona and Real Madrid Italy and...
  13. tuxybuzz

    FIFA 09 vs PES 2009

    which one of the two would are you awaiting more impatiently??
  14. C

    PES 2008 PC controls

    i am playin PES 2008 on my PC. since the game uses x360 controls i dont know how to do wat. plz post the controls if u know them.
  15. R

    is something wrong with my graphics card

    hi i have a nvidia geforce 6600 PCI-E.whenever i play sum game (like pro evolution soccer 2008,pro evolution soccer6,fifa 07)it runs smoothly in the begening but after sometime my system completely hangs and restarts.this didnt happen earlier when i played PES 6 or fifa 07.i have even tried...
  16. wizrulz

    All Soccer Games Discussion!

    can any one give step by step setting to perform so that i can play online PES 5. :lol: I have tried but its giving UDP port connection problem Has any1 been successfull playing online........i wanna play with my friends.... :wink: Changed the topic name as i see few more PES lover...
  17. moshel

    PES 5 Demo out now

    hi The latest offering from PES is here. the Demo of Pes5 is out now. its 158 mb. i have not downloaded it cos it will charge me for it. but if someone downloads it pl tell me about it. and share your views FIFA 06 demo is already...
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