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  1. M

    Upgrade from Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

    Been using Grand 2 for 1+ year warranty is expired.Its a very good phone.But the kitkat update installed makes it unable to write to SD Card.Plus im bored with the white looks.Was thinking of selling grand 2 and getting a new phone,since there a lot of phones with good config that fits the...
  2. B

    650m vs 660m

    What is the performance difference between 650m and 660m? I have read in ome forums that 650m performs almost equal to 660m is it true?
  3. R

    LG Optimus One or Dell XCD35 For Smooth Gaming

    Hi guys, I had decided to take LG Optimus one p500. But when I saw the resolution of Dell XCD35 which is best for HD gaming, i fell into dilemma. I checked some youtube videos of gaming in LG O1, and found that O1 cant handle angry birds. But I dont know how Dell performs. Anybody can check...
  4. codename_romeo

    Need feedback about quality of BH-217

    Hey guys Its been a long time i have posted in this forum. By the way i wanted an opinion on how Nokia BH-217 performs. Please reply asap, coz i plan to buy it in a couple of days.
  5. IronManForever

    Which antivirus for old PCs?

    Uh, having faced tough time without an Anti-virus (and I thought I could chug along!), I have finally fallen to my senses. What's the perfect Anti-Virus/Internet Security suite that: 1. has low system requirements and performs well on minimum hardware, 2. has good detection rates (I dont...
  6. K

    need help

    Hello... i want a program using TSR in C language...when i do input , output some number ..it performs the operations and gives me the msessage that "Wellcome"....plz hlp me in this
  7. motobuntu

    which is the best and cheap antivirus?

    please suggest a good antivirus for XP, which should not burn a hole in my pocket and along with that performs decently.
  8. A

    I recently bought a nVidia GeForce4 4000 MX GFX card,i need to know how it performs

    Your valuble opinion required !!
  9. U

    How to use SFC in XP?

    Hey, can anyone tell me how to use System File Checker in Windows XP? Or, is there any software which performs the same job? :(
  10. B

    when does your Operating system performs Best?

    If I ask when does your system performs best? The instant answer from most of you will be just after you install the operating system. Now I would like to know how we can maintain this performance all the time? What are the factors affecting its performance? What are the best ways to boost the...
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