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  1. anirbandd

    Expected price for MMX A63 w/ warranty

    [Mods please move this to the appropriate thread/subforum if i posted in the wrong place] Hi All, I have a Micromax Canvas A63 bought in February 2013. Box and cash memo intact. In pristine condition. no scratches anywhere. working perfectly fine and fast like a new phone. All...
  2. N

    I need help with GPU installation

    I have an old PC which I use primarily for graphic design. I recently changed my old 945GC motherboard due to some technical issues and upgraded to Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo motherboard. The upgrade has been working perfectly except for one glitch. Whenever I try to insert an NVidia 8400GS GPU and...
  3. srkmish

    Windows stuck at welcome screen if External Hard drive is attached to PC :(

    I bought a My passport 1 TB Recently. Although the drive is perfectly fine, if i boot the computer with it attached to PC, windows is stuck at welcome screen. When i remove it , it boots perfectly fine and then i am able to reattach. Any solutions for this?
  4. V

    APC UPS 600KVA 360 Watts

    model : APC ups 600kva BR600CI-IN date of purchase : 2-nov-2011 reason for sale : not using it anymore expected price : Rs 400 location : bangalore pictures : Works perfectly fine. Was used for a year only. In good condition.
  5. harshilsharma63

    Monitor flickering problem

    Hi, I'm using i3 2100's IGP. Sometimes when I exit a full screen game, the monitor starts flickering (see attached video). The flickering is stopped by either restarting or going to sleep and awakening. The problem has occurred only 3-4 times in the past two months. I have overclocked the igp to...
  6. aal-ok

    Unrea tournament 2004 lag fix

    Ram: 768 mb Hdd: 80gb seagate Barracuda Vga: 64mb Via s3g unichrome IGP driver OS: Win xp 32 bit Processor: AMD sempron 2200+ I intsalled Unreal tournament 2004 it is running perfectly but it lags sometimes is there any way to fix it using ut2004.ini please help
  7. S

    Dell launches new 13″ notebook in India

    Hello Guys, As searching for my laptop buy, I just found this news and thought to wait for them to coming. They will hit the store by a week. Just like What I want perfectly :-D:-D:-D Check out the following two Links This and this. Also check out Dell US - Here, Hope they will...
  8. bajaj151

    Water Purifier for 2 Students

    Please suggest water purifier for 2 students in Delhi.. Budget : Cheapest Possible but water should be perfectly purified..
  9. M

    Suggest Best Open Source HRMS Application

    Hello All, Can any one tell me some best opensource HRMS system that can be used in a small office with employees from 50-100. I googled and found OrnageHRM but the installation of this application is very tough. I tried more than 7 times bt cant install it on on my webserver, howevr it...
  10. H

    seagate hardisk formatted

    hi i had a severe problem that i was installing windows 7 and in between when drive option i had deleted all my partition unknowingly and my all data are lost i had used "GetData Recover My Files Professional Portable" them my one drive data is perfectly recovered but other data...
  11. T

    Particular website does not load

    Hi, I'm not able to access a particular website. All other websites load perfectly fine. This website loads fine on other computers. I had installed a new Modem(Beetel 450 TS1). The website works perfectly fine when i use older modem. What could be the issue. Please help. Please let me...
  12. M

    I trek 52 channel gps external bluetooth reciever

    Hello guys i am selling of my i-trek external gps receiver almost new in mint condition Mrp: 5000 expected price:3500 Not available in india. Works perfectly comes with rubber case and pouch extremely small and last 10 hours backup.
  13. N

    How much shoul i charge for this ??

    I am looking out to sell my Sony Walkman the B series one which is a MP3 player cum pen drive 8-) it cost me 2500 bucks with a headphone . I have lost the headphone but i will be selling it with intex headphones and its in perfectly great condition ..... Is 1499 a reasonable price ? Anyone...
  14. R

    Price of AMD HD 6850

    Please somebody tell me what is the lowest price for msi HD 6850 and a suitable psu.Will zebronics 500 w be able to handle it perfectly? Will running the gpu on pci express x16 v 1.1 affect its speed and performance?
  15. M

    Resolution query

    Hi guys, Can a 1600x900 monitor handle 1080p videos perfectly..?
  16. I

    ati radeon 5450

    guys i have got ati radeon 5450 i m able to play all the uptill now smoothly even i played call of duty black oops, it worked perfectly fine. so why everyone says that this card is not for gaming and i need to updrade it?
  17. K

    Windows 7 worries

    Hi guys, I have a Intel Core 2 Duo E6500 2.93 GHz, 2 GB DDR3 Ram, and 250 GB HDD, Based on a G45 onboard graphics solution I am dual booting with Windows XP professional in C , and Windows 7 ultimate in D, both run perfectly fine. BUT the issue is with games. I had installed the games given in...
  18. A

    folder lock problem.

    pls i need some one to help me.i used a trial version of 'folder lock 6' for 4 days before a friend introduced me to a crack version that is working perfectly on his system.i uninstalled the trial version and installed the crack version which was 'folder lock 5.8.0'.it worked perfectly well...
  19. napster007

    1 tb segate hdd problem...please help

    i was previously having a 80gb (sata 1) hard disk installed on my PC. Recently i bought a new segate 1 TB hdd(sata 2) for the pc and for a few days it ran perfectly and then later, my OS (xp) crashed and had to reinstall it. Later after removing the 1tb the pc runs fine, but once i plug in the...
  20. A

    my reluctant DVD RW drive :(

    the DVD RW drive of my laptop has been very irritating. I have got it replaced 4 times since I got it one year ago ... and again now, barely a month of last replacement its denying to boot from a CD. I wrote iso of archlinux on a disk at 4x and tried in vain to boot my laptop with it. however...
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