1. saswat23

    Microsoft loses first round of patent infringement

    Source: Microsoft loses first round of patent infringement How will MS survive if Windows Phone is banned in US? 8-) :chinscratch:
  2. R

    Google sells Motorola devices units to Lenovo for 2.91 billion $ pretty big news ... Google is selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, giving the Chinese smartphone manufacturer a major presence in the US market. Lenovo will buy Motorola for $2.91...
  3. Vyom

    Microsoft and Apple unleash thermonuclear war on Google and Android!

    Could this be the end for Android? Former Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs didn't like Android and told his biographer Walter Isaacson that he would "destroy Android" because it was "a stolen product" before going on to say that he was "willing to go thermonuclear war" on the platform...
  4. Mr.Kickass

    Nokia seeks to ban import of One smartphones in UK

    Didn't see it coming... (Source)
  5. pratyush997

    [Sue]Samsung sued by Ericsson over refusal to renew FRAND patents

    According to Swedish tech firm Ericsson, Samsung is currently selling unlicensed mobile devices after a patent deal signed by both firms in 2001 and renewed in 2007, expired. The patents covered by the licensing pact are standards essential patents meaning that they are covered by the FRAND...
  6. V

    Tech leaders in LTE technology

    There is this interesting article on that talks about a little known fact about LTE technology. It appears that LG owns the most LTE patents followed by Qualcomm. You can read the full article here: Identifying The Tech Leaders In LTE Wireless Patents - Forbes Also came...
  7. Liverpool_fan

    webOS to be Open Sourced

    HP: webOS to live on through open source, hardware lineup still dead (for now) -- Engadget Good move but whether it will actually revive the project and whether we will see tablets and phones bundling WebOS in the future remains to be seen. There would be nothing better to have a second open...
  8. Liverpool_fan

    Barnes and Noble books Microsoft's patent trollage

    Barnes and Noble books Microsoft's patent trollage Microsoft’s Android bullying revealed by Barnes & Noble | ExtremeTech More details about the case here. Groklaw - Barnes & Noble Exposes Microsoft's "Trivial" Patents and Strategy Against Android ~pj Updated
  9. N

    Apple vs Samsung: Verdict is out. Samsung wins

    MUST READ : The judge has ruled that Android 2.x violates Apple's 868 patent which covers scrolling through photos on a touchscreen. Only this one patent is violated - the complaints about two other...
  10. socrates

    Microsoft-Motorola patent dispute hearing to begin from Monday

    See Microsoft-Motorola patent dispute hearing to begin from Monday During October, last year, software giant, Microsoft had sought legal action against Google, claiming that the devices powered by the latter’s Android platform had infringed a handful of its patents. Now, on Monday, the U.S...
  11. C

    Microsoft, Apple, Google sued over icon software patent

    Source Software patents suck. But in a way it is good that the idiots who were swearing by it have been sued. :) Alas, others who hate software patents may also be sued. :(
  12. CadCrazy

    Apple Admits It Didn't Invent the iPod

    Almost 30 years after this object was conceived by Kane Kramer, 52, Apple admitted it was not the real inventor of the iPod. Apple was forced to produce evidence in a lawsuit over iPod-related patents and, so, it fetched that drawing below with the included specs to defend itself, the DailyMail...
  13. C

    Microsoft patents 'Page Up' and 'Page Down'

    More Yuck! Thank God software patents are not explicitly allowed in Indian law. Never knew US patents office can grant patents on such things without even straining a few brain cells to think about its nature. :shock: Now I know what kind of 235 patents FOSS is alleged to be violating by...
  14. Pearl Groupz

    Apple Gets Six New Patents

    Apple observers managed to sniff the stuff on six new patents granted to Apple by the US Patents and Trademark Office. The fresh granted patents include new iPhone/iPod Touch dock, computing device (MacBook?), speech synthesis system, backlighting device, and compensation circuitry. The...
  15. praka123

    Patent reform coalition aims to abolish software patents

    Several patent reform advocacy organizations have banded together to form a new coalition that will lead a collaborative effort to abolish software patents. Supported by the Free Software Foundation, the Public Patent Foundation, and the Software Freedom Law Center, the End Software Patents...
  16. Third Eye

    Apple Sued Over iTunes Technology

    Apple Inc. was sued Wednesday over allegations its iTunes online music store and iPod music players are illegally using a patented method for distributing digital media over the Internet. Atlanta-based ZapMedia Services Inc. sued Apple in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas...
  17. praka123

    Time To Abolish Software Patents?

    "Has the time come to abolish software patents? Fortune columnist Roger Parloff reports on a new campaign called End Software Patents, which he views as 'attempting to ride a wave of corporate and judicial disenchantment with aspects of the current patent system.' Ryan Paul of Ars Technica...
  18. praka123

    Torvalds: Microsoft is bluffing on patents

    Microsoft's aggressive defense of its intellectual property, which includes claims that Linux violates a number of its patents, is nothing more than "a marketing thing," according to Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel. They have been sued for patents by other people, but I don't...
  19. nileshgr

    Linus Torvalds to Microsoft: put up or shut up

    Aw snap. Just when you thought the Microsoft / open-source relationship was getting bad, it’s now getting even worse, as yet another turn has been taken in the on-again, off-again love affair between the two. Soon after Microsoft’s General Counsel claimed that free and open-source software...
  20. kalpik

    Torvalds and Moglen agree: MS patent claims are 'FUD'

    After reading portions of the Fortune Magazine story which contains the latest sabre rattling by Microsoft in its battle against free software, we asked Linus Torvalds, father of the Linux kernel, if he had any comment on Microsoft's claims that the kernel knowingly infringes on 42 Microsoft...
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