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  1. H

    Microsoft "new" patent could "force" downloaders to view commercials!!

    As if DRM wasn't enough!!:x
  2. Cyrus_the_virus

    The patent wars have begun

    When Steve Ballmer blurted out on October 9 that Linux was violating patents held by Microsoft and specifically named Red Hat, it was an indicator that the next phase in the campaign of harassment and extortion of companies dealing in free and open source software was about to begin. Read the...
  3. aryayush

    Microsoft Patenting the iPhone

    Pictured here is Microsoft's great new patent application on a portable touchscreen device's user interface, filed within days of a certain cellphone going on sale. Look familiar? Well, my spite and disdain is all spent: we're at the point where such patent filings are neither good nor bad...
  4. Garbage

    First Patent Suit Against Linux (Red Hat & Novell)

    Source The Patent The Complaint
  5. iMav

    Apple Applies for Patent for Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreens

    Aiming to go beyond just sensing the location of your finger on its touchpads and touchscreens, Apple has applied for a patent for a "Force Imaging Input and Device System," which amounts to a spring-like device underneath the touchscreen or touchpad. The pressure-sensitive "force detector"...
  6. nepcker

    Apple patent clears road for theft-proof iPhones, Macs

    Apple Inc. has successfully patented an anti-theft safeguard for notebooks, phones, and other portable electronics that offers protection simply by sensing the outside world. Originally filed in March 2004 with company storage chief Paul Wehrenberg as the inventor, the U.S. patent awarded to to...
  7. dotcommakers

    India shouts against patent of Yoga in USA - Help India.

    Its really unfair, who dont know anything about Yoga can get patent of Yoga and related matters. Member of parliaments and and Yog Guru Shri Baba Ramdevji express their strong anger against this wrong move by USA Patent Office. Actully Yog is come in to existance in India. Patanjali Yog...
  8. CadCrazy

    Software Patent Issue

    I want to know from which website i can get the info about whether a perticular software name has been patented or not . Let s say i make a software with name "XYZ" . How can i no whether this name " XYZ" is patent of some company and i can or can't use this name for my software ?????
  9. iMav

    Microsoft Patent Reveals Future Multi-Component Gaming System

    Microsoft's next game machine may be multi-faceted with console and handheld interdependence A filing to the U.S. Patent Office may reveal what Microsoft has planned for its gaming platform after Xbox 360. The patent describes a multi-component gaming system that incorporates both handheld...
  10. unni

    Microsoft FAT patent fails in Germany

    While the U.S. courts recently reaffirmed Microsoft's FAT (File Allocation Table) patents, the German Patent Federal Court has just dismissed the patent for use in Germany. According to a report in the German news publication Heise Online, the court has denied the protection that the European...
  11. anandk

    Ballmer repeats patent threats against Linux

    Steve Ballmer has reissued Microsoft's patent threat against Linux, warning open-source vendors that they must respect his company's intellectual property. ...said the company's partnership with Novell, which it signed in November 2006, "demonstrated clearly the value of intellectual...
  12. freebird

    Microsoft threatening Linux using BIG CORPS!

    Microsoft threatening Linux using corporations secretly! Microsoft Getting Paid for Patents in Linux? http://www.itworldcanada.com/a/Daily-News/c11627ed-d99b-49d2-983d-d22856181888.html http://linux.slashdot.org/linux/07/02/11/1443211.shtml FUDing the competitiors out of the...
  13. S

    Open-source leader leaving Novell for Google

    Jeremy Allison, a high-profile open-source programmer, has resigned from Novell because of objections over its patent deal with Microsoft and is moving to Google. http://news.zdnet.com/2100-3513_22-6145615.html
  14. JGuru

    Key developer quits Novell over Microsoft patent pact!!!

    Jeremy Allison, a leading Samba developer and well-known open-source speaker, has decided to leave Novell because of his objections to the Microsoft/Novell patent agreement. In his public letter of resignation, Allison said, "This has been a very difficult decision, but one I feel I have no...
  15. Kiran.dks

    BURNERS WAR! Roxio slaps Nero with patent lawsuit

    Sonic Solutions, which owns the Roxio brand of products, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against German software manufacturer Nero AG and its American affiliate Nero Inc. The complaint has been filed in the US district court in Marshall, Texas and covers one of Sonic's video editing...
  16. iMav

    IBM Sues Amazon

    it's over patent infringement To further today's news of patent infringements, IBM is now suing Amazon over patents that IBM developed during the 1980's. IBM noted that the patents cover a range of technologies used for creating catalogues online and for methods of online ordering. Obviously...
  17. K

    Square Hole Drill Machine : patent right

    Get full artical at :- http://chackdephattey.com/Miscellaneous/patent.HTM 1) Delivering Innovations : Lovely Institutes students get patent right for a technical feet 2) Square Hole Drill Machine : patent right for Lovely Institute students 3) Transition from round to...
  18. praka123

    Ballmer Won't Dismiss Idea of Suits Against Linux

    source: http://www.forbes.com/home/enterprisetech/2006/03/22/ballmer-microsoft-linux-cz_df_0322microsoft.html Now double clicking the mouse is also a patent eh?hmm...M$ is poison
  19. N

    Microsoft updates IE after patent spat

    Microsoft on Tuesday made broadly available an Internet Explorer update related to a high-profile patent spat with a start-up backed by the University of California. The update changes how the browser handles Web programs known as ActiveX controls. The changes can impact how certain sites...
  20. Charley

    Procedure to patent an Idea

    An idea which hasnt been implemented before is available on an IT related aspect .. What is the procedure to patent it so that nobody else can use it? :idea:
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