1. A

    anyone wants to exchange credits?

    hey all, recently i bought a pair from and i returned it as i wanted something else, in return that gave me credit money which i can you only on their the product i want is available on amazon but i have money stuck on headphonezone. if anyone wants to buy a...
  2. S

    YouTube network's plan to trademark 'react' sparks backlash

    YouTubers hit back at Fine Bros’ attempt to trademark word over fears that the pair are trying to seize entire concept of the reaction video format YouTube network's 'react' trademark attempt sparks backlash | Technology | The Guardia
  3. S

    Want to buy decent pair of heaphone under 7k..with bass of course

    Recently had a sony mdr v-55 , and they sounded awesome from thumpy bass with warm notes and all . . also the clarity was awesome good..but gone side not working anymore.. So want to buy a good and decent pair of headphones with right amount of bass i am not a hardcore...
  4. P

    Best pair of headphones for around 1500/- ?

    /* This is my first post here, so please forgive me if there's any mistake I'm making! */ Greetings, Digit! As I've mentioned above, this is my first post here :) This is an appeal to the highly experienced audiophiles in the community. I'm looking for a new pair of headphones for mainly...
  5. M

    New in-ear headphone-3 pair

    My Soundmagic PL-11 & BB default ear set are lost. I really impressed by PL-11 Need to grab 3 pair in-ear headset with MIC. I wish all 3 different brand & popular one. My music taste is thumb bass, vocal & clear surround sound. Budget : not wish to spend more than 600rs per pair. Pl...
  6. H

    Buying advice for headphones ~2k

    I need to buy a pair of over-the-ear headphones for my dad. He only listens to retro and old Hindi cinema songs (Rafi, Kishore Kumar et al) so the following are my main factors of buying a new pair. I myself am a IEM user, so I have no idea wrt to over-the-headphones. Please suggest some good...
  7. seamon

    Headphones upto 10k

    I own a pair of Skullcandy SK Pro. The sound and all is great but the cans are too small for my ears and they get uncomfortable after some time. I need a good pair of large over the ear cans. Any thoughts on Razer Carcharias?
  8. GhorMaanas

    CCFLs and mini baybus for PC

    listed for sale are: - two white cold cathode light tubes, unused. have 3 pairs of them, out of which 1 pair i have tested. all 3 were bought together - 300/- each; not willing to ship them, due to inherent risk involved in transporting these tubes. - one pair of red cold cathode bubble...
  9. GhorMaanas

    car-audio - suggestions needed for components in the chain

    Hello everyone! posting this on behalf of a friend. he is contemplating buying a hatchback (may be a punto or a wagon r). also wants to buy stereo components for it, the budget ones. he is heavily inclined towards pioneer, as he has listened to them earlier, and the sound has stuck to him...
  10. M

    Nikon L21 no Start on batteries other than one pair.

    I have a Nikon L21 Digital Camera. It behavces very wierdly, I have two sets of AA Rechargeable batteries (2x 2500 mAh + 2x 2000 mAh ) the camera requires a pair of AA batteries to startup. when i use the 2500mAh batteries, it starts up good, but when i use any other pair of batteries, it...
  11. S

    Need new headphones under 1.5k

    Hey all! My first post in the audio section, so pardon me if I don't give enough info :) Before anything else, can anyone please explain the diff between ear bud and iems?? Am very confused As the title suggests I need a pair of headphones/iems/earbuds under 1.5k Uses : Gaming, movies...
  12. vanpr7

    Durable In-ear earphones

    Guys after damaging my Samsung earphones, I have been using a Sennheiser CX 300II in the meantime. Looking for a more durable pair of earphones as I have already got my sennheiser ones replaced once and fear that they are going to get damaged again (and also my sis needs it :P). I intend to use...
  13. Mr.Kickass

    [Buying Advice] Need an IEM under 1.5k

    I cannot believe I'm asking this but unfortunately I lost my trusty pair of phones which costed 1.5k. I couldn't find the box but a quick search leads me to this. I think this was exactly the pair that I had bought sometime ago. Philips SHE9700 Headphone Now that you know where I'm coming...
  14. bee

    Headphones for xolo q800

    can someone please suggest an awesome pair of headphones for xolo q800 budget :: 2k max thanks!
  15. D


    Hi Friends...i needed some advice on a good pair of shoes as my earlier pair has undergone wear & tear...need it for jogging mainly but can also wear it casually...what shoes do you people use & find comfortable with nice lasting?...budget is 5k max...just hope i posted it in the right place...:-?
  16. a-raam

    Will This CPU bottleneck GPU??

    I am tempted by the Zotac Nvidia GTX 650 Ti AMP! 2GB Gpu... for my budget build thread, i was planning to pair this gpu with PENTIUM G630. My query is will this cause a bottleneck?? will the cpu bottleneck the GPU??
  17. A

    Gamepad for FIFA / NFS

    Need a game pad (PS3/XBox like controller) for something less than 1000. Are there decent ones available? I would also like to use an OTG cable and pair this with my phone (Galaxy S2) to play games like GTA / FIFA. Thanks, Akash
  18. Chandrahas007

    Help required for buying budget IEMs

    Hi friends, I want to buy a new pair of IEMs since I lost my Creative EP-630s recently! :cry::cry::cry: They were a nice pair. My budget is around Rs.1500. I've short-listed some of the models that many people were recommending. They are: 1. Creative EP-830 (I know this is an old model but...
  19. S


    Hey, has anyone bought speakers from this website? I badly want a pair of Swans, even though a pair of M-10s are way too costly at around 9k plus shipping. And the website is also down a lot of the time. So, is it reliable? Please do share if you have bought/tried to buy something from this...
  20. C

    I need suggestions for a good pair of earphones

    Hi, Recently my pair of nokia earphones (The ones you get with Nokia N91) fell down and broke. i was using using them for over 5 years and it was unbeatable. But now I have to buy a new pair. I am looking for a set that provides me the best clarity and depth. I mean my broken pair was good...
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