1. sling-shot

    Spectrum reauction and rising telecom charges

    Our benevolent telecom minister had uttered that the lakh crores in valuation paid for during the recent spectrum auctions will not affect the telecom price. Really? Initially they began reducing the validity of various packs from 30 days to 28 days, 21 days etc. Then they reduced the data...
  2. randomuser111

    Samsung announces Galaxy MEGA phablets -5.8", 6.3"

    Samsung lifted the covers of the Galaxy Mega dup – the 6.3" and 5.8" Android phablets. The smartphones borrow some of the features from the Galaxy S4 flagships but offer much larger screens and aim for the mid-range segment as a more affordable alternative to the high-end Note phablet...
  3. D

    Battlefied 3 on ps3

    Hello Guys Does anyone have a bf3 premium pack or all the map packs? Please pm me.
  4. A

    WHich laptop to buy for Gaming?

    NP550P5C-S02IN NP550P5C-S02IN - OVERVIEW | SAMSUNG India or dell inspiron 17r turbo The Dell Online Store: Build Your System i realize that the samsung packs a i7 with a Gt 650M gdd3 @900p while the dell packs a i5 with gt 650M GDDR5 @ 900p i have a budget of upto 75K and i'm not...
  5. pkkumarcool

    Send Sms=Get Recharge

    Hi guys now am going to tell you about an awesome service where you will get recharge for sending free sms.Now save money on sms packs as well as recharge.Join here to start now ............ no referral link is allowed ...........
  6. G

    Hp warranty extension

    Hello, I have a HP DV'6 laptop, its warranty is now going to be expire, I want to know Can I buy some warranty extension pack? Is hp provides warranty extension packs? Please let me know.Thank You. Regards, GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  7. TeckKy

    5+ Themes for Windows 7/Vista from transformation packs...

    [UPDATED] 5+ UI Themes for Windows 7/Vista from transformation packs... Themes Created from Transformations Packs, More Themes More Fun, New Themes Added: Android | iOS | WP7 | Zune ++ Wallpapers, Cursors, Sounds(1) NOTEs: Theming steps are within the packs. Needs 7z extractor to...
  8. M

    Windows OS + Service Packs = One CD/DVD Possible

    Now Installing Windows OS (XP and Vista) with latest service packs is now possible. Now whats surprise in this? Well the surprise is that instead of installing both OS and Service Packs Individually, you can now integrate both of them in a single CD/DVD. With the latest release of...
  9. S

    Please help

    Hi guys...I am Newbie here...I do not have any idea on where to post my query....The thing I came here for is ....That I have a Digit DVD with SUSE 10.3 version along with the other software which DIgit packs them...All I want to do is....I want to make and Suse Bootable DVD separately using the...
  10. A

    xp transformation to vista

    is it safe to use the vista transformation packs and other available packs on win xp.
  11. C


    hi- airtel sms pack how to make sms free in airtel without any booster packs???????
  12. alsiladka

    What's old is new - Vista SP1 having the same childhood as XP SP2

    Source "Microsoft's record on service packs has not been good. Over the years, they've been forced to withdraw several service packs and issue updated service packs shortly thereafter. That's the reason there are so many service packs with names like SP1a and SP6a. Windows Vista SP1 shows...
  13. PcEnthu

    Booster Packs from BSNL - For Lifetime Pre-paids too

    State owned telecom giant has announced Booster packs to cut the call charges for Local calls as below: Own network: 0.50 Paise Other network: 0.60 Paise The lifetime pre-paid users will sigh a relief since the call charges on them are as high as 1.60 for a local call. More info...
  14. A

    Microsoft Issues Vista, XP Service Pack Blockers

    Microsoft posted a tool to its download site that will block automatic installations of several upcoming service packs, including Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows XP SP3. source *
  15. The Conqueror

    I want Digit Forum for offline

    hi are there any webaroo or any other packs to view this forum including all sections OFFLINE ?
  16. phuchungbhutia

    Ubuntu.... apt-get packs

    how to ??? is there some way to backup the install packs got thru apt-get the thing is that if i have to shift my os and reinstall ubuntu .. and i dont want to download the pack by apt get thru internet again ... apt get requires net conn right ... and can i get the packs(like wine, etc which...
  17. Ecko

    Windows XP Update !!!

    If there is a way to integrate AUTOPATCHER XP into Windows XP CD or ISO :?: I've tried many packs such as RYAN etc but they are not as frequent as AUTOPATCHER XP:lol:
  18. RCuber

    Vista Hotfix Packs Leak to Web

    Windows Vista hotfixes leak to the Internet after being offered to Windows Server 2008 beta testers this weekend. Source Update of 12GB :confused:
  19. Vivek788

    Update pack cache

    Hello I am a guy who regularly changes distros and install multiple distros over 2 hard-disks. I change distros 4-5 times a week,sometimes,both new and old distros being installed. In debian based distros,the packs that you download can be retrieved from /var/cache/apt/archives. But I don't...
  20. gg_3000

    AOE Games

    Guys, I would be greatly happy if any of u could just list me all the games by Ensemle Studios, so far released... Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Conquerors, rise of nations and so on.. How many versions have come so far? wat r the expansion packs available for each games?? I'm planning 2...
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