Spectrum reauction and rising telecom charges


Wise Old Owl
Our benevolent telecom minister had uttered that the lakh crores in valuation paid for during the recent spectrum auctions will not affect the telecom price. Really?

Initially they began reducing the validity of various packs from 30 days to 28 days, 21 days etc. Then they reduced the data allowance on data packs. Then they increased price of individual packs. So net effect, things seem to have doubled in price.

Idea Kerala circle had a National calling pack which could be had for 40 something. Including land lines and mobiles for 35 paise/minute. Then they removed the land line part from it. Then they increased the charge to 47 rupees/month. Then increased the charge to 40 paise/min. Then they increased the price to 70 something for 30 days. Today I see that they no longer offer a 30 day option at all. Now it is 78 for 21 days or 88 for 28 days. Nothing at all for 30 days.
Isn't this a rise in charges?

By the way is there any telecom company that has any of its pack last a whole month rather than 30 days? This always causes trouble if I forget to recharge on the exact day and with months being 30/31/28 etc. always ends up in confusion.


Cyborg Agent
Reliance too reduced their monthly 1Gb 3g with unlimited whatsapp, Fb, twitter from 30 days to 21 days....
Come to think if it, as I just browsed their revised packs, either the charge has increased or the validity has decreased!!!

Acchhe din aa gaaye, NAMO!!! :-$:-$:-$


Wise Old Owl
This does not have anything to do with NaMo. Why bring him into everything? This was the result of Supreme Court ordering re-auctioning of spectrum in the top bidding method.
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