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  1. ashis_lakra

    P35 vs P43

    Hi, I know this is odd as compared to newer generation chipsets, but my games still run bad in g31 chipset.. I don't want to spend for a whole new set of proc + mobo + ram to extract most out of my hd 6850. So, i was thinking of buying a used one p35 or p43 chipset motherboard. I...
  2. prateekchanda

    A good config for 50k ?

    C2D 3.00GHz E8400 .........................................8800 Intel DP35DP Intel P35 Express Chip 1333 FSB ...........5050 <- HAVE e-sata, raid & 1333 fsb Palit 9800GT 512MB DDR3 PCI...
  3. crs_cwiz

    moving from 680i to intel

    I'm done with my 680i sli mobo (p5n32-e sli), its fried the 2nd time and im thinking of getting intel for a replacement (from asus only) My most imp question is whether my raid 0 config (which i built using nvidia mediashield) can be rebuilt in the intel mobo? Secondly, which chipset...
  4. Micheal

    Help required Understanding Chipsets

    all i know about chipsets is that they r a set of specifications released by intel, amd, ... with which various vendors including the aforementioned manufacture motherboards problem is: there have come around a plethora of them and its difficult to choose 1(only one). I have had tremendous help...
  5. R

    p35 or p45

    my old pc has been sent to the trashbin so i have to buy processor, memory, motherboard, psu only so far i have decided on Processor: E7200 psu: coolermaster extreme power 600w motherboard: ? p35 based or p45 based..took a look at abit ip35-e and msi p45 neo-f memory: i thought of using the...
  6. R

    Fs: P5n-e Sli !

    i have my P5N-E SLi motherboard for sale , its in brand new condition , will all the cables , manuals , box etc , i have the bill and it was purchased from mumbai ,and has more than 2 years of warranty remaining ,selling coz upgrading to P35 motherboard .may also trade for good P35 mobo + cash ...
  7. jithudigitised

    Price of this configuration in kerala

    hi i am planning to buy new system for gaming.i want to have the prices of these components in kerala.Two of suppliers quoted me around 55K.Is it ok My configuration is given below. Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz E8400-(6MB L2 cache 3.0Ghz 1333MHz) MSI P35 NEO-F Intel® P35 chipset 1333 FSB...
  8. H

    Need new P35 mobo for E4500

    i need to order for a new P35 chipset based mobo in the range of 4-5k. plz dont suggest a Abit IP35-E as my vendor wont be able to procure Abit products.so i'll have to choose from Asus,MSI & Gigabyte.as of now i've got myself a Gigabyte 945GCM-S2C mobo whihc sux big time in oc,hdd and memory...
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