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  1. K

    Sony Xperia C r Samsung Galaxy Grand??

    Hi... verrryyy confused b/w xperia C & Grand,gone through many reviews,asked many,still confused cuz got equal results for both...plz suggest me(preferably frm owners) Also hav ques's lik whether 1.removable battery for both 2.s/w update 3.ny option to delete apps r just have to disable??
  2. Zangetsu

    Samsung Galaxy S3 exploded

    This is bad and alert news for S3 owners :evil: Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes tech2.in.com/news/smartphones/samsung-galaxy-s3-explodes-leaves-girl-with-thirddegree-burns/907260
  3. Flash

    Viswaroopam - [of Religion warfare]

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/regional/tamil/news-interviews/Two-week-ban-on-Kamals-Viswaroopam/articleshow/18161066.cms This is not the first movie, to deal with this problem. . . But . . .
  4. Flash

    Google's search engine becomes new antipiracy weapon

    Whether this will control piracy really?
  5. XTerminator

    TDF Phone Owners' Thread

  6. K

    Any iPad-3 Owners in Mumbai !

    Anybody here from Mumbai who has got the iPad-3 can you respond to this, have some questions. :-)
  7. Debu_013

    Owners of Acer 5740G: Please Comment here about it.

    I would like all the Owners of Acer 5740G laptop to please post their views and comments on their laptops here. I am looking forward to buying a new laptop and am trying to explore all the possibilities. Thanks in advance.
  8. S

    Don't know how ??

    Hi everybody!! Well I run a cafe, have configured the ip address of nodes as, 3, 4 etc. Authorities have directed all cafe owners to maintain ip addresses. but can't figure it out how ?? Any ideas!!!
  9. K

    LENOVO ??? Shud i go for it

    hi all , i did come acroos this lenovo with very good config and a decent price ... but i want to know a few things 1. how is lenovo build quality in general 2. their customer service 3. is it as reliable as dell or hp ? need ur advice .... earlier the better ... also wud be better if a few...
  10. abhijit_reddevil

    Standoff between film producers and multiplex owners end

    It's official. The stand off between producers and multiplex owners over revenue sharing is finally over. According to filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt, the breakthrough came late on Friday morning. "Yes, the strike got over at 3am. All the parties agreed to our demand and we all will be releasing films...
  11. abhimanyu1401

    Special Thread For Owners of Outdated Gadgets and Their Problems

    Well, when you have an old Palm V and a Nokia 3... something, you need help. And so, here it is.
  12. ajaybc

    Post ur experience with GTA 4

    Well...Iam one of the countless GTA fans in the world who is waiting for the PC version of GTA 4 while the rich console owners are enjoying it to the max. I know there are lots of 360 or PS3 owners here who are enjoying this game at the moment. Can you guys please tell 1.How the game is...
  13. gopz

    Nokia N82 - anyone got it?

    How is the Nokia N82, has anyone actually bought it and used it for a while? Can owners provide some hands on info? I have read the reviews online but want to know specifically from actual owners - whether its worth buying and is typing SMS difficult due to the small keys?
  14. The Conqueror

    Collection of Dogs and Their Owners! (Bandwith Warning)

    Added Some More images
  15. CadCrazy

    Youtube rolls out anti-piracy filter

    The new filtering system is designed to give copyright owners the ability to automatically block their content from being posted by third parties. Additionally, the content owners can allow the clips to remain posted and create advertisements that will be posted alongside the video player...
  16. iMav

    Mumbai to Keyloggers in all Cafes ...

    Seems to me like a fallout of the adnan case and terrorism ... The Indian city of Mumbai hopes to fight terrorism by installing keyloggers All Internet cafes in the Indian city of Mumbai will have police-sanctioned key-logger software installed on their machines to help combat...
  17. tech_cheetah

    Some awesome W850i flash themes ...

    These are some of the coolest flash themes supported on W850i For actual animation look at this youtube video But uploading these flash menu files into your phone is an uphill task. After several hours of effort I could upload them into my cell, in total 17 themes. All the...
  18. A


    just out of curiosity, does anyone have an 8800GTX? are there any owners of alienwares in india?
  19. dOm1naTOr

    HL2 Episode 2 Demo is out..

    Yes, Freeman is back with his crowbar in HL2 Episode 2. Get the demo....c2d owners http://www.steampowered.com/intel/ U need a steam account to dl it.
  20. anandk

    Google, Yahoo, Microsoft adopt same Web index tool.

    Search engine rivals Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are teaming up to make it easier for Web site owners to make sure their sites get included in the Web indexes, the companies are expected to announce Thursday. The companies are adopting Google's Sitemaps protocol, available since June 2005...
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