1. K

    how to overclock AMD A8 APU series

    i'm using lenovo laptop g51 series i need to overclock AMD A8 processor
  2. M

    Need help in overclocking

    hi everyone.I will be buying a gaming pc and wanted to learn what is and how to overclock your pc. Thanks in advance!!!:-D
  3. H

    overclocking intel core i3 3220

    can you help me to overclock my i3 3220 processor my motherboard is GA h61m ds2
  4. P

    How To set up DDR3 1333 Ram in my Gigabyte G41M - Combo motherboard

    I recently purchased a Gigabyte G41M - Combo motherboard and a EVM DDR3 2gb 1333 Ram , but am unable to use the ram on my board , when i install the ram i get long beeps so thinking that maybe the Ram is not working i have tried other DRR3 ram from my fran but it was the same case and yes i did...
  5. Arjun609

    Best CPU Cooler Under 5000(Rupees)

    Can Anyone Suggest a best CPU Cooler Under 5000 As Far as I Know Cooler Master Evo 212 is te best!Is There any other best? My Socket is LGA 1155 My Rig Intel i3 2120 Intel DH67cl ati Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 2Gb Transcend 4x2 1333mhz
  6. HE-MAN

    Cpu Cooler needed.

    my current config intel core i3 540 asus p7h55-m lx kingston value ram 8gb ram antec vp550p sapphire dual x r9 270x. zebronics fatansy pc case recently i decided to overclock my cpu but at 3.4ghz temp started rising to 70c so to overclock any further i need a cpu cooler for max 1.5k...
  7. suarezian

    Overclock Intel i3 540

    Can you please tell me how to overclock the Intel i3 540? I have a Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2 (rev. 1.3) motherboard. But before that, please tell me which heatsink or CPU Cooler I should buy. Thanks
  8. seamon

    monitor overclock.

    Has anyone here tried to overclock their monitor's refresh rate. I just read that a refresh rate of upto 100Hz is possible on the y500. But I guess that will reduce the lifespan of the screen.
  9. Z

    Confused between AMD motherboards!

    What is the difference between Gigabyte 970A DS3 rev3.0 and Asus M5A97 R2.0 overclocking capabilities?? Q1. What is Mild OC?? Q2. How safe Can I overclock the processor with stock cooler with noteceable difference in gaming? Q3. Which is best for future needs Mostly for Gaming With...
  10. G

    Overclock Nvidia 8400 Gs

    I want to know how to overclock my graphic card the Nvidia 8400Gs, Yes its a very poor gpu but i have no other go i'll be getting a new pc by next year so want to fully utilize my old one that is my current one. i currently have the asus one and everything is at stock. I have updated to latest...
  11. G

    How to Overclock Intel Core 2 Duo E4700

    I own a very old Cpu the Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 @ 2.60 Ghz. I'm going to get a new pc next year but still want to use this one to the max. I want to know how to overclock this cpu with stock coolers i don't need an extreme overclocking if i could take it up to 3.2Ghz it would be good for me(...
  12. S

    1000w PSU enough?

    I'm planning to crossfire two AMD Radeon HD 7990 and add five 3.5 drives. My case already has 9 fans and three drives and will try to overclock as well. Calculating I will have a total of 2 GPU, 9 HDD and 9 fans. Will 1000 watts be enough?
  13. B

    Acer 5560 Honest Review, Overclocking and Gaming (AMD APU A6, AMD 6520G,4GB DDR3, 500GB)

    Acer 5560 Honest Review,Overclocking and Gaming (AMD APU A6, AMD 6520G,4GB DDR3, 500GB) Hello There! This diwali, I thougt about Gifting a new laptop to my Sister. She is a graphic designer and her current Intel C2D was not very enjoyable for the same. AMD was my natural Choice, especially...
  14. K

    Looking for a not-too-expensive motherboard that can overclock the FX-6300

    Hi! I've finally decided to upgrade my E6750 2.66Ghz rig and after sifting through numerous threads, I've decided that the FX-6300 would be ideal for my gaming needs. I believe it should be able to handle all the new and the yet-to come-games at medium settings. I recently bought a...
  15. T

    Please suggest budget motherboard and RAM for AMD FX 4300

    I am building a budget gaming PC. I already have a AMD FX 4300 and HD 6670 DDR3 GPU. I would like to know which is the best budget Mobo+RAM combo for this cpu. I am not planning to overclock. My budget is Rs. 5500. Also will I be needing a new PSU as right now I have a 450W Intex one. Thanks.
  16. N

    overclocking intel xeon x3220

    can anyone tell me how to oc intel xeon x3220.. i have a gigabyte g41m combo motherboard,ram crucial ballistix 2x2 4gb 1866mhz and a visiontek 6950 1gb gddr5 kindly help me with ocing ...i am a noob:lol: plss help me
  17. A

    Best z77 motherboard !!! Help needed!!

    hey guyz iam fed up with my motherboard that is intel dh67bl coz it cant overclock my i5 2500k ,so please sugest me a good z77 motherboard for 8.5k thank u.
  18. ParaXite

    Suggest me a motherboard for this cpu

    Im building a gaming rig and im on a tight budget. Ive decided to go for the i5 3470 and gtx 650 ti boost (going to get from US) Can you suggest me the cheapest b75 or H61 motherboard (going to buy in India)? 1. Im not going to overclock my processor. 2. Its ok if it does not have usb 3.0...
  19. J

    Newbie questions related to liquid cooling

    Hello all I purchased an Intel core i7 3770K. Yeah, setting this "K", there is no use of it unless we overclock and for overclock, we need a good cooler. I will be overclocking to 4.5GHz. So I decided to buy corsair H100 as my cooler with its loops over my processor as well as my graphics...
  20. bestpain

    asus 7770 vs msi 7770

    after long search i decided ati readon 7770 ,i want to know which one to buy asus 7770 or msi 7770 both are available in 8k.....and i want to overclock also ASUS GRAPHICS CARD HD 7770 1GB DDR5 MSI GRAPHICS CARD R7770-PMD1GD5
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