1. Darshan Singh

    General Query A serious issue

    Hi guys, I have run into a problem. I ordered a phone (LeEco Le 2) from lemall website. At the time of ordering, my bank name was not displaying in the net banking section. So I ordered it as Cash on Delivery. At night, I got an email from the LeEco saying that the order has not been...
  2. T

    Negative Experience Snapdeal Fraud- Feels like I m cheated

    Hello , I ordered a panasonic 32inch full hd led for 17490 on 18th september as i ordered it on my fathers kolkata office address.. it got delivered on 29th sept via vulcanexpress courier and when my father opened the package the tv was damaged. So i called snapdeal cc after several times...
  3. Mizanurification

    Kz ate

    [Review] KZ ATE I ordered KZ ATE from AliExpress after reading all the reviews. I wanted to get ED9 but it wasn't available at hifinage. This is my first import. Anyone ordered from AliExpress? It was shipped on the same day and I got the tracking details. Will I have to pay any customs...
  4. adityak469

    Buying Phone From AliExpress

    So I was thinking to get a phone from AliExpress for my friend. I've ordered a lot of stuff from there but all of them were <$20. This would be my first big purchase from AliExpress. I am only worried about customs as I have no idea how it works. Can anyone share their experience of buying...
  5. S

    Just ordered Redmi 2 Prime.

    Just ordered Redmi 2 Prime today.. It's got 2 Gigs of RAM instead of 1 Gig in Redmi 2. Also got 10% cashback through dads Citibank CC. Hope it would be better than Yuphoria.
  6. RohanM

    Xiaomi infringes Ericsson patents, ordered to stop sales in India

    The Delhi High Court has ordered Xiaomi to stop sales, advertising, manufacturing or importing of devices in India. This is the result of the company infringing upon Ericsson's standard essential patents. Ericsson has managed to get an injunction against Xiaomi, which prevents the later from...
  7. G

    About the samsung service center parts?

    Hello, to all of you. I have Samsung Galaxy Tab, some days ago I felt it on the ground its front was broken, now its out of warranty that's why I ordered it from the Service Center, I have asked from the Service Center guy about the ordered part's quality, he told me that I'll get the same...
  8. Desmond

    Mob tries to set helpless bear ablaze

    Mob tries to set helpless bear ablaze in Kashmir, probe ordered | NDTV.com I thought we Indians were better than this.
  9. mojo+

    [Complaint] Don't buy from priceking.in

    Hello Everybody, Most of the people may not know the site Online Shopping India - Buy gifts, books, electronics, watches, camera, accessories, kitchen & home appliances, baby care, apparels, jewellery,diwali offers,daily deals, handicrafts,perfumes: priceking.in. I'm here to warn you about...
  10. SunnyGamingHD2

    [URGENT] Portable Hard Drive Suggestion!

    Hi to all:-D I want to buy Portable Hard Drive Requirements Below:- 1: 500GB 2: USB 3.0 3: Western Digital Brand 4: Budget 4k-4.2k and plz tell me is Tradus.com safe for shopping? Reply fast please i am waiting!;) ok i recently ordered...
  11. 6Diablo9

    [URGENT]How do I cancel my order on EBay?

    I had ordered a tablet on Ebay. But I'm in need of money right now and I'm planing to cancel the order. Can anyone tell me the procedure to cancel it and how much is cancellation fee? The price of tablet is 6500/-(might have to pay customs as the tablet is coming from Hong Kong). I had ordered...
  12. elafanto

    How is homeshop18?? any experience?

    I have ordered "PNY mini attach m1 16 gb=2nos" & "8 gb=1nos" I am fond of flipkart but these two pen drives are out of stock there in FK from a long time. So i ordered them on Homeshop18 COD. I went through some review, some of them were writing that, homeshop18 gives you fake material...
  13. F

    F&D: Fenda Audio F6000. Require feedback!

    Hi everyone! I was out in the market for a 5.1 audio system which had a volume control on the subwoofer and also a wireless remote controller. The budget was a constraint since this is being installed in a clinic with 2 speakers for 2 rooms and centre channel for waiting area. Only casual music...
  14. koolent

    Cleaning the Cabinet and Re-Assembly..

    Hi, Guys I am gonna demonstrate how to clean up you full cabinet to get any hiding dust out and then cleaning the TIM and definitely Re-Application. In a really short while. I have ordered my TIM just now, might take some time to reach (maybe 4-5 days), until then all we can do is wait.. :)
  15. T

    Signs of Hot trouble?

    Here is my HW Monitor Screen Shot. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting This is not looking good. EVO is ordered but I dont know why GFX is so Hot. These are IDLE temperatures. :evil:
  16. Le0nidus...ftw

    Ubislate 7+ Capacitive/Resistive Touch

    Hey Guys any knows the new ubislate 7+ has a capacitive or a resistive touch screen. I have ordered mine cant wait to know:-D:-D
  17. ssk_the_gr8

    [Complaint] no bill received with phone ordered from Sulekha

    i ordered a phone (Samsung Omnia W I8350) from sulekha.com order no. SUL6653525253 ordered on - 27th Dec 2011 Location : Ranchi i received the phone on 9th jan but not the bill.. only delivery challan from the courier guy. Every time i call them , they say they will escalate the...
  18. A

    Looking for suggestions - Asus G53SW-XR1

    Hi, I was looking to buy a gaming laptop and I was recommended to a site: xoticpc.com There I customized an Asus G53SW-XR1 with Full HD screen, 1.5GB Nvidia 460m, 8GB RAM, i7-2630QM processor, and the price came out to be 1041$ (USD) Now, firstly I want to know if this site is trusted, and...
  19. rahul18348

    [Query] need URGENT help fixing my fan - ordered from theitdepot

    I ordered an NZXT FN120RB (white) performance fan from itdepot so that it would look like an original fan of my NZXT gamma. The package arrived with the fan broken from the stalk (pics enclosed). I have already mailed itdepot about this. i feel my 400 bucks are wasted. What can i do now...
  20. G

    Buying cheap software advise need

    Hi Guys, I want to resell software online. Now im seeking source, just wondering if anyone has ordered from Resell-hub.com. The website has all I wanted, such as office 2010, win 7 ultimate, etc. Their prices look really good and they have a price match promise but im wondering if anyone else...
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