[Complaint] Don't buy from priceking.in


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Hello Everybody,

Most of the people may not know the site Online Shopping India - Buy gifts, books, electronics, watches, camera, accessories, kitchen & home appliances, baby care, apparels, jewellery,diwali offers,daily deals, handicrafts,perfumes: priceking.in.

I'm here to warn you about the site if you want to purchase anything from this site. They offered a 400 off on 899 coupon with which I ordered a shirt to test whether they are genuine or not. I've waited 5 days for their reply. Didn't receive a mail/message/call regarding my order. I've called them on Saturday. Then i was informed that the size i ordered is not available. I asked them regarding the delay in giving the information to me but no proper answer. They asked me to go for any other product. Yesterday i placed an other order. Again the same thing happened. No information either through mail or an SMS. Called them and they told that the coupon which i applied is not valid. I asked them that they should process because i have already placed the order using the coupon and the code is applied. But they said that they can't do anything. Very bad response. Luckily I've tried to test their genuineness by placing an order through COD. God bless all the ones who ordered through direct payment.

Be careful friends. Please think twice if you want to buy anything from this site.
Please don't buy.:ban:

Below are the details of my orders. Dates can be seen in them and also the order status.


Little Kid
I wonder if government can ban sms then how long will they take to put a cap into this cheating business ?
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