1. R


    The purpose of PL/SQL is to combine database language and procedural programming language. This PL/SQL was developed by Oracle Corporation in the early to enhance the capabilities of SQL. It permits you to store compiled code directly into the database. PL/SQL also enables you to define...
  2. bijay_ps

    Data Push from Oracle server

    Hi All, Problem: There is a HTML5 website (client's website) and currently it is using ajax to poll the server to get and reflect the new data. Now Client wants that whenever there is any new data in DB (Oracle db is being used here) the server should push the data itself to the browser , so...
  3. O

    Java IoT Developer Challenge 2014

    Show Oracle how good you are with Java and IoT and Oracle will take you and two of your team members to JavaOne 2014 in San Francisco. All you have to do is to create an innovative and implemented useful Java application and make a video of the project. Find more details here -...
  4. R

    Oracle 9i sqlplus configuration problem

    I have installed oracle 9i in windows xp. After installation i am not able to open isqlplus in client's browsers which are in the same network. I can access the documentation files by giving the server's IP in client's browser. Please let me know how to configure apache, sqlplus etc. files. urgent.
  5. P

    Bootable iso image of Oracle Linux

    Hi, I want to download the bootable version of oracle linux, but they are showing as update1, update2. confused which one to download. Need help to download the image.
  6. icebags

    need guidance with oracle apps.

    ok, i know oracle sql/plsql,forms,reports pretty well, but those seems not in as much demand anymore. so, trying to learn oracle apps technical. can anyone help me with this ? to start with, tell me how to set up the system, i am very confused with so many oracle apps modules out there. :-o
  7. D

    ORacle Multiple instance running windows 7-

    how to run multiple instances in oracle? using set oracle_sid=sid .. & when i say sqlplus / as sysdba... its asking password.. even i give sys and password it's not accepting... is it anything to do with os privilege? if so how to deal with it.. how to run two instances at a time?
  8. sanny16

    java and sql certification from oracle

    I am currently undergoing advance java course and i have finished the sql course earlier. I wanted to know how to get oracle certification in java and sql? I need to know how to began the process for certification from where and what all things and study material required. They are variations in...
  9. anon232

    REST + Oracle

    I'm developing a project to allow various android devices to share data via a database. So I'm making the server side component with REST by following this tutorial * Now i want to know how do i integrate a oracle database...
  10. R

    Standalone Oracle 8i corrupts after restarting XP

    Standalone Oracle 8i corrupts after restarting XP in all the systems in our network. After successful installation its working fine with scott/tiger. But after restart of the machine when scott/tiger is given its saying "oracle not found". Help.
  11. Faun

    laptop or ultrabook under 1500GBP

    Looking for the best combination of performance and backup time. Will be running oracle database and other development applications. Should be able to run windows and linux.
  12. S

    SQL Certification:Confused

    Exam 1z0-047:Oracle SQL Expert This exam makes a person SQL Certified Expert,but to pass this exam,Oracle has associated it with Oracle 10g and 11g both,can anyone clear me that one should learn Oracle 10g or 11g?Also,please suggest me books for Oracle Database 10g(the book should cover SQL...
  13. S

    Suggest book's for Oracle: PL/SQL

    Hi guys Please suggest, good books for Oracle: PL/SQL (Except Ivan Bayross, already have one) for advance learning. Also Please suggest books for C++ for advance learner. Thnks.
  14. Desmond

    Google wins API case against Oracle.

    Another example that patent trolls never win. Source : Google wins crucial API ruling, Oracle’s case decimated | Ars Technica Detailed explanation : Groklaw - Judge Alsup Rules: Oracle's Java APIs are Not Copyrightable (Order as text) ~pj
  15. icebags

    Ubuntu & Oracle

    Please suggest a linux distro for loading oracle 10g/11g. How is ubuntu for this ? machine config: Pentium 4/mobile 1.4GHZ, 1GB RAM. 10g should work ok for learning purposes, right ?
  16. M

    Benchmark Software For Red-Hat

    Hai Friends.. Am using oracle enterprise manager 5.0 (redhat nash version 5.1), i need to check the cpu power by benchmark softwares, am using tomcat and flex application, so first without running my application i need to test the cpu, and after i started my application i...
  17. S

    Learning SQL:Should i join Oracle Database 10G from NIIT?

    Hello Everyone,i want to learn SQL,should i join NIIT to learn Oracle Database 10g course?I know that Oracle 11g is available now..but at some website it was mentioned that i need to have Oracle 10g Experience to begin Oracle 11g. Please advice me,should i learn 10g or 11g? Are there any...
  18. Y

    Need to upgrade my P4

    Hi guys, Please help me with right config, that I should opt for. Current config, WinXp P4 3.0 Ghz 512MB Ram 80GB Hard disk...current usage only email, browsing, word processing, watching movies. I want to upgrade my PC. I ll install Oracle Enterprise Linux & windows (Xp or 7) with 8GB...
  19. H

    Oracle study partner

    Guys, anybody pursuing Oracle certification? I need a study partner. We will discuss ideas and prepare for exams. Please PM as soon as posssible.
  20. socrates

    Oracle now claiming $1.1billion from Google

    Greed unlimited :) Oracle now claiming $1.1billion from Google | News | TechRadar UK
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