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  1. V

    Configuration Received from assembler please check

    I am about to take a new Desktop PC for Surfing/Gaming Needs I have got a quote from a Local Assembler/Seller as follows Intel core i7-3770 L2L3 8MB CACHE 3.4 {3rd GEN} 61 D2H GIGABYTE_M/B with HDMi@DViPort GRAPHICS upto 512 MB 4BGB DDR3 RAM 500GB SATA HDD - Toshiba DVD WRITER DL...
  2. R

    Is Nikon P510 a good buy? or Please suggest alternatives..

    Hi, I am currently using cannon Sx100IS (8MP and 10X optical zoom).Nice camera..I like the optical zoom feature of this camera but its more than 5yrs old so time for an upgrade. I am attracted towards this camera for the 42X optical zoom feature but at the same time picture quality is very...
  3. B

    Does Dell XPS 15 (L501X) have 12.7mm or 9.5mm optical drive?

    Hi, I own a Dell XPS 15 (L501X) laptop. and I want to replace its optical drive slot with a hard drive caddy. I want to know what size caddy should be ordered: 12.7mm or 9.5mm? Does Dell XPS 15 (L501X) have 12.7mm or 9.5mm optical drive? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks
  4. Jay1234

    Laptop startup noise optical drive ?????

    The issue is my laptop's optical drive makes a noise at start up , shut down &some times when i insert pen drive or charger like for 2 second what is it ? Does your lappy makes simalar noice btw its working f9 do i need to tell lenovo about it ???
  5. RCuber

    PC Configuration Template

    A simple PC Configuration Template so that member can copy paste this and fill in the details they are suggesting. # Component Model Price Comment/Link 1 Processor 2 Motherboard 3 RAM 4 SDD 5 HDD 6 Optical Drive...
  6. samaresh7

    Help me to pick the best one.......!!

    My choices are: 1. Canon A810(16 MP,5x optical Zoom, HD recording, AA Battery) 2. Canon A1200(12.1 MP,4x optical Zoom, HD recording, optical view finder, AA battery) 3. Olympus VG-150(12 MP,4x optical Zoom ,Li-ion Battery) or any other model you want to suggest in my budget of 4.5k!!!!!!!!
  7. GhorMaanas

    Rapoo Wireless Optical Mouse

    1. Product on sale: Rapoo wireless optical mouse 1620 2. Price: 400/- shipped. 3. Reason for sale: A gift not needed. 4. Product condition: 9.9999/10 5. Invoice: Available. 6. Warranty: Almost an year (till nov. 2013) 7. Location of product/seller: Thane/Mumbai 8.Shipping Charge: Included...
  8. A

    Samsung NP350U3B vs Toshiba Portege R930

    Hi, I am looking to buy a laptop for work and I am torn between these two choices. Budget is 45-55k and I prefer a 13 inch screen. I have shortlisted Toshiba Portege R930, Samsung NP530U3B and Samsung NP530U2B (12.5") - Corei5 - 4GB RAM - 500GB HDD Toshiba has the following pros and...
  9. V2IBH2V

    Optical to 3.5mm converter

    Ok so my TV has only an optical out.. How can i convert it to 3.5mm jack? Plz provide a link to those amps that can convert it.. Im tired of googling now :(
  10. V2IBH2V

    Very limited LM6410 audio options.. :(

    So here I bought a 42LM6410.. I am thoroughly impressed by its PQ.. :) But now, im gonna get a Logitech Z506 for complementing TV's puny speakers.. The problem lies here.. The speaker doesn't have optical input.. On the contrary, my TV has only optical out as the audio out option.. What should...
  11. V2IBH2V

    Needed: 5.1 Audio system within 15-20k

    I bought 42LM6410 this week. I need a good setup of 5.1 audio system for me in the bracket of 15-20k AT MOST. I would be getting it in next month or so.. It should have an "optical in" option as well.. Only audio.. I have a blu ray player with me.. All suggestions are heartly welcome.. ^-^
  12. A

    Optical Drive not working properly

    Hello Guys, This is my first forum discussion. I'm facing some weird problem with my optical drive. Lets tell u about my configuration first. I have a hp Pavilion dv4-2113tu entertainment notebook pc. It has hp CDDVDW TS-L633N model optical drive installed. This year, I happens to bought 2 digit...
  13. N

    Guidance required to buy new camera

    Hey guys! A lot of question coming your way! :wink: To start off, I want to buy a superzoom camera that is also capable of shooting Full HD Videos. My budget is 25k. I shortlisted a number of cameras. Now I need your help to pin point one. My shortlist includes - Canon SX40 HS, Panasonic...
  14. S

    Cheap and Best 5.1 speaker system for my 42" LG LED TV

    The model of my TV is LG 42LS5700 Link: LG 42LS5700 LED LCD TV - Full HD 1080p Smart TV providing Rich Content with Easy Control - LG Electronics IN Here's my problem. The TV does not have 3.5mm headphone jack and has only optical out for audio. I don't like the in-built speaker quality...
  15. R

    Speakers with optical input

    Hi Friends, Recently i bought a LED TV, and to my surprise it has optical audio out only. so the 5.1 channel Philips speaker i have at my home are useless now. Can you suggest me any new Speakers (5.1) for LED with Optical input. I have LG Bluray player as well. I don't want to spend more on...
  16. kARTechnology

    Help HTPC CPU, mobo, ram, psu

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: HTPC, XBMC, Video chat, hd movies with 5.1 passthrough through...
  17. Bhav

    DVD Drive

    My friend want to buy a DVD writer i think it was a good one Asus DRW-24B5ST Internal Optical Drive | Internal Optical Drive | Flipkart.com so bye it or not please help or go for another dvd drive
  18. M

    Difference between MS 800 Combos

    Hello guys, I want to know the diff. between Microsoft 800 Wireless Optical Desktop Keyboard . Buy Best Microsoft 800 Wireless Optical Desktop Keyboard at Lowest Price Online and Microsoft 800 2LF-00020 Wireless Optical Desktop . Buy Best Microsoft 800 2LF-00020 Wireless Optical Desktop...
  19. sam9953

    My Computer stops responding when DVD - RW is inserted?

    Hi, guys a few months back I created a thread regarding my DVD - RW and CD - RW situation, wherein I was not able to write any of my Discs but now that I have bought a new laptop which has an amazing optical drive, I was able to read and format all my CD - RW but still 2 of my DVD - RW are not...
  20. V

    Laptop for MBA student - 13" Screen - 23/25K - not more than 1.7Kg

    What's your Budget -> 23-25K What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? MS Office work, HD Videos, Web Surfing What size and weight considerations do you have? Screen at-least 13" - weight max 1.7kg Any brand that you prefer, or any brand that you detest? No to Acer, Lenovo and...
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