1. G

    CIA agent who exposed US complicity in helping Pakistan develop nuclear bomb

    Sorry an error occurred A few excerpts but seriously read the whole article. I have read Adrian Levy's book on Pakistan's nuclear bomb. Pretty detailed. How he was targeted. Very similar to how another CIA officer was targeted by Bush Adm. because her husband, an ambassador spoke out...
  2. Inceptionist

    Conspiracy or Sabotage? Mysterious Deaths of Indian Nuclear Scientists

    Conspiracy or sabotage? :shock: India's Nuclear Scientists Keep Dying Mysteriously | VICE United States
  3. R

    USA- Paranoia Superpower.

    The RACE IS ON! Except it is nuclear arms race. With a arms count of whopping 31,255 warheads your fingers get itchy to smack your nemesis face, with a nuclear war head of course. USA after the pearl harbor incident funded one of the most expensive war projects in the human history. Costing $26...
  4. H

    DPRK's nuclear shower will break the U.S. nuclear umbrella so mercilessly that the warmongers cannot

    Normally i don't consider the DPRKs actions worth sharing but this is getting ridiculous. * The full statement: Its almost like they want the US to liberate them. Conspiracy: The military leaders...
  5. Hrishi

    DAFAQ News [Nuclear Safety]

    I was going through TOI today and came across this newpost. And It was like DAFAQ. Its about the maximum fine that the nuclear plant has to pay in case of any nuclear tragedy. THe amount is quite unbelievable. Just 500Rs.!!! So in case of any unfortunate man-made nuclear disaster like...
  6. 101gamzer

    North Korea nuclear test

    North korea conducting a nuclear test ? still not clear North Korea Nuclear Test: How Will We Know? What Could Happen? North Korea's apparently impending launch of its Unha-3 rocket—officially a satellite-delivery vehicle—has observers warily eyeing the rocket's potential to carry another...
  7. Nipun

    Blast in French nuclear power plant.

    Source: BBC News - Explosion at French nuclear plant of Marcoule
  8. Faun

    The West’s duplicity

  9. Faun

    AQ Khan exposes Pak's nuke proliferation

    * * Good move Photochor !
  10. Renny

    India launches first nuclear-powered submarine

    PM launches INS Arihant in Visakhapatnam HYDERABAD: India on Sunday reached a milestone when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur launched the country's first indigenous nuclear-powered submarine 'INS Arihant' for sea trials. Prime Minister arrived at the ENC's airbase...
  11. Faun

    North Korea 'fires more missiles'

    * Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  12. Faun

    North Korea conducts nuclear test

    * Lol...good news ! Pakistan must be happy now.
  13. Faun

    India thinks Pak N-sites already in radical hands

    Say hello to new friend :p
  14. S

    BBC Nuclear Bomb script released

    Download Transcript Message in PDF Source
  15. naveen_reloaded

    Hot tub-sized nuke reactor could power 25,000 homes

    The portable nuclear reactor is the size of a hot tub. It’s shaped like a sake cup, filled with a uranium hydride core and surrounded by a Invented by scientist Otis Peterson, Hyperion’s patent for a hydride reactor is still pending. hydrogen Invented by scientist Otis Peterson...
  16. Aberforth

    Nuclear India or Nuke Free India?

    Taking a walk down my block I came across some Greenpeace activists who loaded me with pamphlets and asked me to join it. I came home and read the pamphlets and came across the WMD section where greenpeace is campaigning about India's WMDs aka Nuclear Weapons. They think India should...
  17. ruthless

    Korea Tests Nuclear Weapon

    * Why do contries keep on Creating Nuclear weapons?:( Ultimately they are going to destroy earth. they dont care about human life and I hope that Hiroshima and nagasaki remains History. They must work for peace.
  18. A

    India Reports a Long-Range Missile Test

    India Reports a Long-Range Missile Test NEW DELHI, July 9 — India test-fired its longest-range nuclear-capable missile on Sunday for the first time, government officials said. But although the missile was launched, it was unclear whether the entire test was successful, with at least one...
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