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FS: XBOX 360 Premuim System

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Putting my less than a year old XBOX 360 up for sale.
Its an NTSC version, non-modded.

It still has about 4 months warranty left on it.
The MS warranty against the dreaded RING OF DEATH is 3 yearsIn case of any warranty ssues, i can provide you with assistance.

Whats included in the sale are the following:
1. XBOX 360 with wireless controller
2. Original Box with all the accessories
3. COD 3 NTSC, original DVD
4. One 250W 110V-220V AC transformer.
5. Component - DVI cable to connect your LCD monitor and suitable audio cables to connect your speakers as well

Also Included is One Month XBOX Live GOLD membership card

Expected Price : 15.5k + shipping

This is a very fair deal considering the prevailing XBOX prices in India and included game and transformer.

Please don't low ball guys. I'm only open for feasible negotiations :)



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of course it is!

I am interested. Though I need to negotiate...

Is the transformer of any use? in USD your console is $361.14 but the console with HDMI output at frys.com sells only for $349.99

You can try to lower the price and if I don't need the transformer switch it for the HDD


Actually, I think you should lower the price to $175 USD or that means 7520 Rupee. It's fair like that because it's second hand. Your price is even more expensive than buying a new Xbox 360! Also I want to know if this is worldwide warranty, I don't live in India.

One more thing...

are you trustworthy? I am afraid that when I pay you will trick me and not send me the console. That is why i am scared of ebay...
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I want to have a fair price...

btw, what is the transformer for? What is the plug for the console? US? UK? Europe?

Please reply. If you don't like $175(7520 Ruppe) I might negotiate( 70% may not, better off buying new ones) I will not pay over $200 USD or 8584.0 Rupee


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U r from hk and buying from indai..have u thght abt customs????

and its a OLD post
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