1. S

    Mobile repair in Noida

    Hi Guys It will help me a ton if you can recommend good mobile repair shop in Noida. Dont want to pay big money to company service centers.
  2. powerhoney

    Flipkart launches "In-a-day Guarantee"

    As the title states, Flipkart has just launched the ‘In-a-day Guarantee’ delivery option by which they promise to deliver in a single business day... In-a-day Guarantee costs Rs 90 per item and is currently available only in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida and Pune. It's...
  3. vanpr7

    Dust Filters for cabinet

    I had recently bought a CM HAF 912 cabinet and I wanted ask you guys if there is someplace where I can buy for dust filters for the openings on the cabinet. My cabinet gets full of dust every week. :(. I live in Noida so if there is someplace in Delhi or Noida please let me know or some online...
  4. A

    How is life in greater noida for students?

    i am about to start my mba in greater noida. i would like to know about this place.
  5. shreymittal

    Iron rods sticking out of truck pierce through car in Noida near Delhi

    NOIDA: Iron rods protruding from a truck near Delhi pierced through a car when it rear-ended the truck, killing one and injuring two others. Amit Srivastava, working with a software firm in Noida, a suburb of Delhi, was driving to work with two colleagues in a Hyundai I-10 when he hit the...
  6. S

    looking for iit jee coaching institute

    Hi, Is there any coahcing for IIT JEE in NOida? I am located in NOida and study in a public school here. There are no good coaching institutes in my area. Please help me.
  7. DDIF

    India Gaming Carnival 2012 Prize 1.5 Crore

    Source: India Gaming Carnival - India's Largest Electronics Gaming event From 6th to 8th April 2012 at Noida Games: CSS, CoD 4, DOTA, NFS: RUN, Tekken 6, FIFA 2012, Street Fighter 4, StarCraft II, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and much much more. So guys what you say?
  8. doomgiver

    careers in programming

    if i get really good at a language, say C/C++, Ruby, etc, what are my career options? currently doing btech from JIIT, noida
  9. kool

    How GPS works in mobile??

    Can anybody tell me how GPS works in cellphone like N97 ..? I'm from NOIDA, i've not used this set. will this work in noida or any remote village.? Why it ask for bluetooth setting ON? do this work on bluetooth, wi-fi, or something else. I want to know the concept of GPS. plz reply guys.
  10. E

    FS: PALIT HD4850 1 month Indian Warranty

    HI , Need to sell 1.5 month old PALIT HD 4850. Has full Indian warranty , will provide the original Bill. Revised Price : 7 K . (see - * for latest rates) Reason For Sale : Bought it to play Prince of Persia 2009 and Devil May Cry 4...
  11. arunks

    creative zen cover or skin cover?

    where can i get creative zen's cover...? any online site?? nt available on i m in noida currently....So from where can i get in noida or delhi????
  12. A

    Is ebay trustworthy?

    I just came across a used Dell XPS 1530 on ebay which the seller has listed on sale for just Rs.11,000. It's about 10 months old. He has also posted pics of the same. He claims to be from Noida but is a new member with 0 feedback ratings. I just wanted to know, in case if I went ahead with...
  13. nitish_mythology

    Spilled tea on Laptop!!

    I have a five year old compaq laptop. By my sheer carelessness...I spilled hot tea on the keyboard!! The laptop refused to work for some time...but after it was perfectly started working well.. The only problem m facing is with the keys... they are hard (perhaps due to tea) less...
  14. Flashbang

    Best game shop

    What is the best place where i can buy latest original computer games in delhi or noida :rolleyes:Plz suggest anything else than Planet M or music world.
  15. esumitkumar

    List of IT companies in Noida/gurgaon NCR Region needed !

    I have srchd in Google but no help ! Can u tell me Also is there any site of noida or gurgaon like ?? Thanx in advance !
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