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Spilled tea on Laptop!!

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I have a five year old compaq laptop. By my sheer carelessness...I spilled hot tea on the keyboard!!
The laptop refused to work for some time...but after it was perfectly dried...it started working well..

The only problem m facing is with the keys... they are hard (perhaps due to tea) less responsive and i need to really press them to get the job done!

M staying in Noida...what kind of a service maintainance is required?? Moreover i dont have any bills or receipt of the lappy as it is five years old...

What to do??????? Help me out guys...


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buy a replacement keyboard from ebay. Cheaper than service center. search by model number. you should be able to get one.


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Service center will get the job done. But they are only after commission. Dey might charge you little high rate.

Since the problem is only with the keys and if you haven no stains you can complaint about key troubles.. and dont mention abt hot tea..that may work..rt?
Try this (rather risky) procedure:

Remove batteries, ram, hdd and other removable parts and if they are clean, keep them away safely.
Soak in mild detergent water for an hour or two.
Rinse in ordinary water after some time.
Wipe it clean and then dip in concentrated ethanol.
This is supposed to absorb the water present inside.
Keep outside to dry. Alcohol vapourises quickly.

All this only if the problem is due to some sticky sugary tea which is stuck to the keys.


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Call in the service guy for the cleaning, else let it be if not bothered. The moisture would eventually make the keys soft by the pressure applied while using.

On a funny note, how would you handle this? ;)
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