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How GPS works in mobile??

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Can anybody tell me how GPS works in cellphone like N97 ..? I'm from NOIDA, i've not used this set. will this work in noida or any remote village.? Why it ask for bluetooth setting ON? do this work on bluetooth, wi-fi, or something else.

I want to know the concept of GPS.
plz reply guys.


GPS works from radio signals received from satellites, the handset should have hardware to receive those signals and software to decode them. GPS will work anywhere where you can see clear sky (like DTH).

some handsets have both hardware and software for GPS. some have only software and need external hardware to receive signals which can be connected to mobile through bluetooth. thats why some handsets ask for switching on bluetooth. But these handsets can spot your approximate location through A-GPS by getting data from mobile tower (without external hardware GPS receiver)

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if u are saying GPS on N97 then this set has GPS with A-GPS suport. Nokia is providing Ovi Maps (dont know what exactly its called) and u can use gps without any external device or GPRS.

U can also use GPS using Google maps where u will need GPRS for downloading maps. But this is really fast and sometime really accurate.
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