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can i use kaspersky internet security together with nod32???

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hi i have nod32 antivirus. so can i use kaspersky internet security for the purpose of firewall???
will there be conflicts??

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Two anti products will lead to conflict for sure.
Just use nod32 + Comodo firewall.


Jack Sparrow
^^with kaspersky u wont be able to use nod32 yes it ll conflict..and with kaspersky internet security u dont need firewall extra to be installed...just enable kaspersky firewall..


why U need NOD32 when U have KIS.

Anyway, coming to point........ you cannot use two antivirus and firewall. However you can use more than one antispyware.


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Here are some things about both the packages -

KIS antivirus is good.
NOD32 antivirus is good.
Both conflict with each other. Either disable KIS antivirus or uninstall NOD32.

KIS Firewall is not that efficient. I dont really recommend it. You might want to use Zonealarm, or Comodo. I dont use comodo, but several forumers say its good.


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i think u can use avast anti virus as it is a freeware and with it suppliment it with comodo as also it is free..
so happy hunting the virus..
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