1. ratul

    Another mishap from Indian Govt. IT Dept: NIC gets rap for issuing fake digital certificates.

    Read more: NIC gets rap for issuing fake digital certificates - Livemint Apparently, only Chrome users were affected, firefox use it's own list of trusted certs and hence not affected.
  2. I

    Receiving SSDP from router

    Hello I've recently installed wireshark to see what packets are going/coming through my NIC. What I can see is that SSDP protocol is bombarding my NIC all the time, one packet after another. As far as I know SSDP is used by UPnP. I thought that it would be a good idea to turn UPnP off to...
  3. Sudh4r

    Network Cable Unplugged

    My Friend has a LAPTOP. OS : WIN 7/XP Professional Service Pack 2. Connection Type : Wired NIC : REALTEK RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC We have a Airtel Broadband Connection in our apartment. From Win 7 he is able to go online, however from XP he is not able to. It always...
  4. B

    How to set up a proxy server at home?

    Hi Guys, I have a 2 pc with me 1. new pc running windows 7 wit NIC card 2. old pc running xp With my new pc, I have connected old pc in NIC ethernet port and internet in the motherboard ethernet port. I want to set up a proxy server in my new pc to share internet. I like to keep track of...
  5. X-jo

    ethernet connection dropping on Linux Mint

    :dmesg [83903.387634] atl1c 0000:01:00.0: irq 43 for MSI/MSI-X [83903.387739] atl1c 0000:01:00.0: atl1c: eth0 NIC Link is Up<10 Mbps Half Duplex> [84964.096716] atl1c 0000:01:00.0: atl1c: eth0 NIC Link is Down [84966.229340] atl1c 0000:01:00.0: atl1c: eth0 NIC Link is Up<10 Mbps Half Duplex>...
  6. A

    Problem in setting up BSNL NIC(U100) card in ubuntu 10.10

    I tried connecting my bsnl nic card in ubuntu 10.10 by the usual procedure,i.e choosing the mobile broadband connection,setting bsnl as provider,then setting username and password. The problem is after showing 'preparing to connect',sometime later it shows network is disconnected. I have a...
  7. N

    Need help to setup a browsing center!!!!!

    Hi all!!! I am new to this forum... I am started a browsing center last month... It contains 6 clients and one server, all are using Winxp pro with sp3... Server has 2 Network Interface Card's, First with ISP's Static ip 123.238.XXX.XXX Second NIC with the following info...
  8. S

    Need help in new Router and NIC...

    so 2 days ago there was heavy rain & once after big lightening, my monitor went black for once, and then after some time I saw NET is gone... Atheros ethernet onBoard LAN is not getting detected... this has happened to me for first time.. So my router was gone - some old billion router from...
  9. O

    Network Card Speed Issue

    Hi i have a device which work on 10Mb and my new laptop from Dell has 10/100/1000MB nic ....... it work fine with other network i.e switch, router etc.... but when i connect the device it dont connect , then while checking i set manually to 10Mb on laptop nic it connect...
  10. binilmb

    Driver for Compex RE100ATX Ethernet Card

    Please help.....My new Ethernet Card doesn't detect any drivers Recently my onboard NIC become faulty. So I purchased a new NIC (Compex RE100ATX) and connected it to my PCI port. But I can't installed it to my system. None of the drivers in the including CD are detected. It shows only "Unknown...
  11. H

    Driver Issue ! help needed

    Well Friends I need some new drivers for my 3 year old intex nic card ! This baby works great in x86 environment with it drivers but i does not have x64 drivers !! No i upgrade to x64 its drivers are not working .. i downloaded the drivers form intex site ! No success! After searching a lot i...
  12. G


    i want to sell my desktop pc asus motherboard 2.80 GHZ with 2gb ram,160 hdd, 256vram integrated and intel chipset with dual core and creative sound card 5.1 and NIC card also and dual layer samsung dvd writer.(i want to sell this only in delhi) i want to sell this in Rs 9000\-
  13. amitabhishek

    Help me with Acer aspire 4520

    Hi, Has anyone picked up an Acer aspire 4520 lately? I did, though laptop has impressive specs at a very very nominal price (Rs.29,999) the downside is laptop has a mess of proprietary-only components. Mostly nvidia. Starting with connectivity (NIC). So can anyone guide me as to how to get...
  14. patelpk

    Req : How to Share TatIndicomm Connection between 2 laptops

    Hi There, I Have a tataindicom Broadband connection. We have 2 laptop in our room but only connection Both of the laptop are having 1 Nic each + Wireless connection . With these 2 lan setups can i setup the internet connection sharing between my laptops. Similar tutor is available for...
  15. T

    best music player for gnome?

    i am using ubuntu 7.04 and the music player that came with is pathetic to say the least. i tried banshee and was impressed with it's plugins and all. but still am not quite satisfied so am looking for a better music player pls suggest. i am looking for these features in particular...
  16. niku_19jan

    linux cnfiguration, urgent!!!!!!

    hi guys my friend has no acess to net n he is facing some problem so plz help him out guys does anyone know how to configure the NIC and the internet in fedora or red hat plz tell me.It's urgent!!!!!!!
  17. J

    connecting net in fc6

    Hi guys, I have installed fc6 & want to connect net through bsnl dataone. i have seen one thread about configuring bsnl dataone, there he has mentioned to select ur nic card from the list. But my nic card is RTL 8168/8111 gigabit nic, since my mobo is Asus p5b. so wht to do? Plz help me
  18. Ricky

    Ip aliasing in win xp (networking guys .. look in )

    in Linux I can easly creat alias ie. virtual ethernet which can be added to LAN as if its separate physical NIC. ie. I can use single ethernet as multiple ethernet (NIC = Network interface card) . Now I want to do same in windows. What I want that if I can create virtual NIC and it can be...
  19. T

    only 10 MBPS max speed out of 10/100 MBPS NIC????

    hi, we now a days normally see that NIC cards having 10/100 MBPS speed marks. now we get max of 10 MBPS only, where has this 100 MBPS gone. is it that its just for name sake are can we expolit it which is hidden in settings somewhere??? pls enlighten me... aken
  20. S

    NETworking help..

    I have two pc . How can i share resource between? I want to connect them without any hub, cat5. Is there any way to connect them by rs232c or any twisted pair wire. Is nic or modem is necessary ? please help.
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