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  1. L

    Need For Speed Undergr.2 Hamachi network (7/24)come and race

    hello...you can easily play nfsu2 with hamachi and join our big network.... race with the masters... 30 online racer per day in our hamachi network download hamachi here and add networks below: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/list.asp...
  2. S

    Now what?

    i have completed all the races in nfsu2 and i dont see any races on the map, now what shud i do next?
  3. A

    NFSU2 error

    whenever itry to install NFSU2..it loads for 74% and then shows me this error "A problem occured when trying to transfer the file 'H:\Support\EAHelp\Install\Requirement_Issues\INST_Minimum_Requirements_.html' from the media Do you want to retry to copy the file,or cancel the...
  4. R

    POP:WW and NFSU2 saves location

    hey dudes,where are the save game files for NFSU2 and POP:WW located plz help
  5. Official Techie


    how to enter cheats in nfsu2 i m not able to do so
  6. G


    hye everyone out there .I am not able to play nfsu2 with even medium settings even on my xfx geforce 6200 (256mb) with 256 mb of physical ram . Can u guys pls tell me whats the reason behind it. :!:
  7. S

    nfsu2 problem!!!

    hello ppl and happy holi!!! well i was just customizing some cars in nfsu2 when it gave a message that i can't customize any more cars as i have reached the limit. is there ne way to overcome this problem except for deleting the old cars or making a new profile?? HAPPY HOLI TO ALL THE MEMBERS...
  8. romeo_8693

    can i play nfsu2 PS2 dvd on my comp??????

    can anyone pls suggest a good ps2 emulator sofware with which i can play nfsu2 ps2 dvd on my comp??? :?: :?:
  9. D

    URGENT: GeForce256 or Intel Extreme Graphics 2 ??

    ok, unfortunately, i have to choose between these 2 only. So i wanna know which is better comparitively in Game-Performance? i usually play NFSU2, Quake3, etc
  10. abhi_shake

    Adding music trax to need for speed u2

    I read somewhere that u could add ur own music trax in nfsu2..... cud anyone tell me how to do so?
  11. C


    which is your fav NFSU 1 & 2 song mine is Born Too Slow from NFSU and Riders Of The Storm from NFSU2
  12. S


    i really made a fool of myself....i was doing really well in NFSU2 with my honda civic....winning all races in the first attempt....but one fine day i saw Ford Mustang in the car showroom....i got really tempted to try it and I accidently traded my fully loaded civic for the mustang and i also...
  13. V

    info on NFSU2 on ps2

    when playing underground league in nfsu2 on ps2, even if i win a race, i dont get credits, bank points as reward nor the next race tracs are unlocked. so i am stuck with only one race track. in case of nfsu1 , if a race for a particular track is won, then lot of goodies are awarded along with...
  14. I


    wad do u guys think.................... accordin to me farcry, nfsu2 and Gta vice city were the best
  15. S

    want to start a nfsu2 custom car thread but can't pls help.

    hi everyone. i want to start a thread in which people can upload (showoff :wink: ) their customised nfsu2 cars. the only problem is that i can't find an image hosting website which supports .tga format. if ne knows one pls post the link here. and yes if possible post the pic of ur nfsu2 car...
  16. S

    pop warrior within of nfsu2? which one to buy

    hey there guys and gals(if any) , i am confused a lot. i got 2500 bucks for my bday and i can't decide whether i should buy pop ww of nfsu2. help!!!
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