1. Flash

    BSNL Lines Up Rs. 2,000-Crore Investment to Modernise Itself

    State-run telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) plans to invest Rs. 2,000 crores for the upgradation of its network, Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Thursday. "The company has plans to invest Rs. 2,000 crores for the upgradation of its network which includes adding...
  2. A

    new router needed

    Please suggest good adsl wifi router with .. - ability to control bandwidth to other devices on the network - have something like Guest Access - WPS button I have a desktop, 3 android phones 1 printer 1 laptop and a tablet connected on the network (all may not be on at the same time, this is...
  3. M

    LAN shows not connected but internet still works

    I have been having strange problem for some time: I have Airtel broadband linked through my TP-Link W8968 Modem/Router. From past few days I am getting Yellow exclamation mark on my network icon and it shows "Not Connected - No connections are available". Inspite of this I am able to surf the...
  4. slashragnarok

    TV connecting to internet but not LAN

    My new LG smart tv connects to the internet through Wifi. My PC is connected through a wired connection on the same network. However my PC cannot see my TV on Network. Sometimes when both PC and TV are left on for a long time, the PC recognizes the TV on network. But by default it doesn't...
  5. H

    Good backup phone for Rs.10000 for online games

    I want to buy a phone to play clash of clans. I want 2GB RAM and 5.5inch screen with good battery backup. I will be playing on 3G network. My present phone ASUS Zenfone 5 giving 1 hr or 1 nd half hr of backup playing continuously on 3G network. Thank you for your help.
  6. rickenjus

    Network which claims to be the fastest in India actually ranks 147th globally by download speeds

    Bharti Airtel the largest operator by subscriber base in India has been in the news lately due to its boastful advertising of being the operator with the fastest network in India. Airtel has put up an open challenge where it offers to pay the lifetime bills of anyone who demonstrates a network...
  7. S

    Is it possible to share PC files in wireless network through ADSL Modem+WiFi ?

    If I use a modem like "TP-Link TD-W8901N" to connect my BSNL broadband connection , can I access internet and my PC's files at the same time in the WiFi network of that modem ? Is it possible ? How ? any links ?
  8. kg11sgbg

    Tp-link td-w8901n

    This is particularly to @whitestar_999 ; @mitraark and other network specialists. I exchanged with a new TP-LINK TD-W8901N 150Mbps wireless N adsl2+ modem/router in lieu of my 8 months old TP-LINK TD-W8951ND 150Mbps wireless N adsl2+ modem router,without any payment from "Rahul Industrial...
  9. ssb1551

    Stand by phone for 10 - 13k

    Hi All, My Galaxy S4 has gone bonkers after a year & 4 months. I don't get network in office & certain areas of Bangalore when the network mode is WCDMA. But when I switch to 2G then its fine. My friends & colleagues do get the network so network issues can be ruled out. I use Airtel so the...
  10. kg11sgbg

    SIM not readable in Android tablet; option greyed out

    One of my Android Tablet's is running very well,except for the network connection through sim(3G). I had deactivated/closed :duh2: the sim management function by sliding in the button,and took out the sim. Now whenever with any 3G sim be it Vodafone or Aircel or Idea,I am trying to reconnect,the...
  11. N

    How to make two wifi routers talking to each other

    Hi. I have encountered a networking issue and request help from the community. Basically : I need to connect two routers via WIFI signal. Detailed: I have two locations, approx 120 meters away(Clear Line of sight). I have one IBall 150N ADSL Modem cum router for my primary network...
  12. P

    10 Facts About India That Will Blow Your Mind

    Saw this on social network. 10 Facts About India That Will Blow Your Mind • Streets of Lucknow Check the 1st and 3rd one :lol::shock:
  13. amjath

    Need very urgent help on network activity

    Guys, What is my pc is downloading from BSNL server need help - - - Updated - - - Faun, sam, krishnandu.sarkar, @whitestar777, Anorion - - - Updated - - - ariftwister, ASHISH65 very strange activity so thats y hurry - - - Updated - - - SaiyanGoku hope you could...
  14. rakesh_sharma23

    ASUS RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless-AC3200 Gigabit Router Review

    ASUS RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless-AC3200 Gigabit Router Review ASUS one of the leading names in networking, has released a new Tri-Band Wireless-AC3200 Gigabit Router the RT-AC3200 that features one of the fastest combined data rate available with any router on the Indian market...
  15. avichandana20000

    LENOVO A7000...Mobile Data issue

    Bought this Mobile from flipkart Flash Sale. Everything is working fine. No heating issuer at all. Inserted New Aircel 3g SIM in slot 1 that supports LTE/WCDMA/GSM with a 2g Pack. Now when i am starting Mobile Data in the status bar The Letter "E" is not appearing. I have not done...
  16. ajayashish

    BEST Mobile Connection while traveling abroad

    Hi, My parents are visiting me in CA, USA next week and I am really worried as this is the first time they are traveling internationally. I was wondering if I can get them a SIM which I can use to connect to them when they are in their stopover in Dubai and when they reach in SFO. I saw...
  17. J

    How to access other computers on network?

    Hello guys, I am using Iball baton 150M router for using internet on my devices. My Desktop is connected to router by lan port and my laptop is connected using wifi of the router. What I want to do is that i want to access desktop folders from my laptop and laptop's folder by desktop...
  18. Desmond

    Hola VPN company found to turn client computers into botnets.

    Source: Stop using the Hola VPN right now
  19. windchimes

    Network Driver Problem and Brightness Problem in Windows 7

    Hi guys, Got two issues pestering me quite a bit, and hope someone can guide me to fix them 1) My internet (connected over LAN cable ) gets disconnected each time I reboot the laptop and I have to install the network driver every single time. Know why this happens? Machine - Dell 3543...
  20. Renny

    Really odd popup/malware issue

    Hi, This happens only in my home Wifi network. Popups from adsmatte keep opening when I click on a webpage. This happens on all all browsers on all devices (android, PC) connected to my Wifi network. I have installed popup blockers and run Malwarebytes too but nothing helps. The router is...
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