1. M

    (its urgent)wifi problem

    all my friends i am having hp dm4-1165dx laptop with intel core i5 m450 2.4 Ghz processor. i m using windows 7 home premium opearting system.sometimes i face problem with my wifi.Following are my problems. 1.Automatically my network adapter got disabled and to overcome from...
  2. A

    wireless router????

    hi i have ordered a wireless router on flipkart ( Flipkart: Buffalo 150Mbps Wireless-N Wireless Entry Model Router: Router ) i have a wired internet connection and i want to use it on my phone by wi fi, so please guide me set up the network. i have some quick question regarding wireless...
  3. N

    vpn simulator

    hi everyone, I am doing a project in VPN - virtual private networks. I need to simulate the network in the system. Is there a good tool/simulator to simulate the VPN?? What about GNS3 -Graphical Network Simulator??
  4. mohityadavx

    XFowarding In SSH Windows

    I am trying to Xforward in SSH in windows using this link[Uses XMing and PuTTY] I have done everything alright but when i open the PuTTY it says "Network Error: Connection timed" I have used both my external ip as shown on websites like What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address as well as...
  5. RBX

    Book : Computer Networks

    Which book can cover the syllabus and help me gain in depth knowledge of the subject ? Computer Networks by Andrew S. Tanenbaum or Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet by James F. Kurose, Keith W Ross Syllabus • Network, Network Protocols, Edge, Access Networks and...
  6. P

    Career in Network Security

    Hi all, I am seeking a career in Network and information Security. Can you please guide me for this , as to which courses or diploma should i proceed with ? :-? And what is the future aspects for this. I have searched a lot but didn't got some thing solid information on this. So...
  7. Vyom

    Post your mobile internet (2G/3G/Wifi) speeds here

    This thread is an attempt to get an overview of speeds which different members gets depending on the kind of network and service provider they use. Similar thread exists, but this is specially for mobile segment. Preferred application to test on Android: The results can be...
  8. ritvij

    cannot access modem settings

    guys my query is a little complicated :P i have these: an old pc (never on) BSNL basic ADSL modem Belkin N150 Basic router now my modem is connected to my router and i surf on my laptop.. my prob is: my modem is not on router mode and i cannot access its settings. i tried visiting...
  9. A

    Need A WiFi card

    First of all I would like to thank all of you who helped me build my awesome rig, which is now the envy of everyone in my college campus :D. The situation is like this: Me and my friends like to play WoW ( World of Warcraft ) on a private server, but since our college firewall has blocked all...
  10. K

    Wifi using data card

    Hi! I want to create a wifi network in my house and i presently have a reliance netconnect+ evdo usb data card. I was wondering if i could use this internet connection to create such a wifi. It would be preferred if a computer did not have to be kept on in order to sustain the network...
  11. prttal

    Virtual Router

    I want to use my laptop as a router. it has a network card. I know it would be better to buy a router but for the time I want to use my laptop. I tried Connectify but I want a free(really free) where I can choose the security type also ie WEP or WPA. I want to make a virtual connection not an...
  12. clinton

    Wi-Fi Network Querry

    Hello guys, I have Dlink router which supports b/g/n 150 Mbps protocols which is connected to my PC running XP and I have a laptop which too supports b/g/n protocols and runs Windows 7.I have mangaged to connect both of them to a Home network.The problem is that I can access my PC's shared...
  13. webgenius

    Dataone plan and router selection help

    Hi folks, I plan on getting Dataone Unlimited usage Home plan. Which plan should I choose? I'm interested in 750 bucks per month gor 512 kbps. But it has 2 plans: Which plan is better of the two? I plan on getting a router online from ebay or Flipkart. I plan on setting up a home network...
  14. Sujeet

    WINDOWS 7 lan connection.PC-TO-PC

    I want to connect following two systems via Standard LAN cable. pc 1 HCL Notebook Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit(no SP1) LAN controller-Atheros Gigabit Etherent Sys 2 DESKTOP PC Windows 7 Enterprise 32 BIT(SP1) LAN controller-Ralink lan .the problewm is when i try to connect both pc...
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