1. dhanusaud

    Carbide.UI 3.2 Users Please Help!

    Hi, I new brand new user for Carbide.UI 3.2 theme creator for symbian based nokia phones. By the way guys please help me to make all nav panes transparent in carbide project. Here is how my theme looks. see, I wanna make transparent nav pane like this.
  2. ashu888ashu888

    Irritating Virus (medium threat)

    Guys, I hv this virus irritating me, althought Norton AV 2003 (that i hv) detects and deletes the virus on opening of My Computer or any drives in My computer, but still i need to get rid of this Pesky virus.. I did a system scan in normal as well as in safe mode but no use, so help...
  3. JhonCena

    NAV Problem!!!

    I 've Windows XP (sp2) (geniune). I installed Norton Antivirus 2005 a year ago. After few days my pc started running in safe mode. I deleted all the files and folders of NAV 2005. Now pc is OK After one year(today) . i am installing NAV 2006. and the probleb is in installing. when i...
  4. dreams

    NAV 2007 Help !!!

    Hi all.. I am havin NAV 2003 Pro installed in my PC and it has a cool feature called Norton protected recycle bin.. I want to update it to NAV 2007..Does this version has the same Norton protected recycle bin.. Pls help me out.. TIA
  5. nix

    corrupted NAV to clean up?

    the NAV [norton antivirus] was corrupt on my PC. there was a virus in NAV folder itself. so i tried to uninstall NAV but the uninstaller was corrupt gave some error msg...i was fed up and delted it using shift+delete. i was able to delete some files by that way and the others gave error...
  6. n2casey

    Solution needed for 2 problems

    I have P-4 1.7 GHZ, 256 MB DDR RAM, 40 GB sys. I m using WinXP Pro SP2, NAV 2005. I have some CD which I write few months b4 but now I came 2 know that each s/w, present on those CDs is infected with Win32 Valla & Pinfi viruses. I tried to repair files with NAV but it modified/corrupted...
  7. shashank4u

    tell me why :antivirus size some big some small

    tell me if anybody know why norton , mcfee are so big in size and r not the best. whereas nod32,avg are small but favourites of everyone. is there anything to do with the size of the antivirus. nav 2005 around 100mb. nav 2006 300 mb. nod32 11.7 mb. avg 26.4 mb.
  8. shyamno

    Antivirus and Firewall Help

    I am using only NAV 2006 (not NIS) and ZoneAlarm security Suite.Does NAV have any firewall protection?I don't know that's why I have installed ZoneAlarm for fire wall protection.If I need Norton firewall protection then which S/w is needed.Is norton firewall better than ZoneAlarm (also...
  9. N

    How to scan client computers from server

    hi i m using and installed NAV CE10, i have installed the NAV CE 10 to client computers from server by remote Install. but could not scan the client PCs from server.ur help in this regard is very help ful for me. thanks for ur help.
  10. Akshay

    Norton Antivirus updates backup

    My NAV 2006 definitions are upto date. But now I plan to reinstall the OS (win xp). So is thr anyway with which I can take backup of d NAV updates?
  11. Choto Cheeta

    Google Pack (Bundels NAV 05 for 6 months) for Free

    Google Pack... its a all in all google application installer... which bundels NAV 05 with 6 month subcription & adware SE... thats the thing i am intersed in... has any one tried it yet?? off!! one more thing... as usual with google.. its a free & beta... :roll: :roll: Google Pack
  12. H

    Can't Shut Down Windows XP - Need Help

    I am using Windows XP SP2 on my P4 1.5 GHz PC with 256 MB RAM and 40 GB HDD and BSNL Broadband connectivity. When I click shutdown option in start menu shut Down Windows dialogue box appears and when I select Shutdown or Restart and click OK, The window disappears and nothing happens, Windows...
  13. G

    1. NAV Liveupdate not working, hellllp !!

    1. I changed many services in: my computer->manage->services to "manual" to speed up my PC. one of them apparently controls NAV live update. The liveupdate is not launching at all, showing error, even when I launch it manually. ne ideas? Plz don't ask me to reinstall. 2. I don't know why my...
  14. go4saket

    Difference In Norton Antivirus 2003 & 2005

    Hello Friends! Can anyone please tell me is there any difference between NAv 2003 & NAV 2005. I know NAV 2005 has a few new features like Anti Spam etc., but I want to know only the difference in the main Antivirus System. Is it that NAV 2005 catches more Virus than NAV 2003, taking in...
  15. A

    Norton Anti-Virus updating in second computer

    Hi Guys! I have NAV in both my home and office computers. I have upadated NAV in one computer. Can I update the NAV in the second one without again going thru the rigors of connecting to Internet and paying for it? Thank you.
  16. S

    Help removing Viruses

    Hi, In my dad's office, there is a LAN of about 15 computers. Among these, only one is connected to the internet. So, we installed an antivirus in only that one and we check all media (cds, floppies) that come from outside before using it. Until now, we have been using Norton Antivirus, Zone...
  17. ammusk

    stuck with norton??

    hey y'all stuck with Norton crap ?? get PC-cillin internet security 2005 many sites have rated this as the best antivirus and security solution available today NAV 2005 PC-Cillin 2005...
  18. ionicsachin

    please help again

    how to uninstall fruity loops there is no uninstall option NAV 2005 setup asks for spstart.log,spstop.log and sppolicy.log :roll:
  19. K

    Problem with NAV 2005 Updating

    Problem with NAV 2005 ---------------------------- I have a problem with NAV 2005. I have downloaded the latest Virus definition packages of NAV and installed using SmartUpdate. I also installed the latest version of LiveUpdate pogram by downloading it from Symantec website. Now, the other...
  20. varunbhide

    installing linux problems

    the suse 9.1 is supposed to be 5 cds, right? but the aug 2004 dvd contained only 1 cd image. is that installation complete? what is a live cd? how do i use it? what exactly are emulators and where do i get them from? can i use msn msg on linux? do i need to install NAV 2004 on linux?
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