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old user accounts problem.....!!!

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have bought my laptop 10 months before & from that, I have formatted it at least 15 times (using pirated windows professional xp2).

Now, my problem is that: I have made my earlier user accounts by different names & after each new windows formation, I found my old user account folders
(of diff. names) out there & now I’m unable to delete all of them & if I delete
any one of them. Then, start menu stop showing my installed programs & show it is as just “empty”.

Can u guys Plzz tell me that how can I stop my old user profiles showing back up in “documents & settings” folder. At this time, I have total 5 profiles folders are present there including administrator.
Plzz help me up.


Log in as administrator, select the subfolder under "Documents and Settings" for the old user account, right-click and select properties. Go to Security Tab and click on the Advanced button. Here, go to Owner tab and set the Administrator to take Ownership (replace for all subfolders should be selected in the option)... Now, you can delete them...



Is actually a real word..
Your best bet would be to reformat again, and install, but before you do that you should be given the option to delete partitions, so delete all (ALL DATA WILL BE LOST!) then create a partitions then format and install.
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