1. S

    In ear headset to match the legend(s)

    Hey guys, As of now, I own two phones - Lumia 800 and Old School N91 Music Edition (8GB). The problem with both the sets is that they are notorious for their respective follies. Lumia 800 doesn't allows a typical WH-205 in ear headset's inline controls to work on it. (Next station etc!)...
  2. C

    I need suggestions for a good pair of earphones

    Hi, Recently my pair of nokia earphones (The ones you get with Nokia N91) fell down and broke. i was using using them for over 5 years and it was unbeatable. But now I have to buy a new pair. I am looking for a set that provides me the best clarity and depth. I mean my broken pair was good...
  3. rohan_mhtr

    Got bored with ep-630 suggest better headphones

    I have creative ep630 headphones for about a month now and currently using it with n91 and psp .These are good budget headphones but recently one of my cousin from pune visited me and i had the chance to experience his shure in ear headphones . I dont know the model name exactly but he got them...
  4. C

    N73 Or N73me ???????????

    I want to whether the difference is only of the 2GB card served with Music Edition or the sound is also good. Also latest Prices of above both and N91 8GB ALso whether N73ME or N91 8GB at the music point of view without earphones(I mean How's inbuilt speaker :-clearity,loudness etc........)
  5. skippednote

    Wal Stuff

    Hey frndz I required a wallpaper pack with more than 50 - 100 wallpapers for my n91. Thanx in advance
  6. rohan_mhtr

    Got new N91 8GB My short review

    After about a months research and examining many different music phones I have decided to go on with n91 8gb. Anyway, I’m here to give a very short review about the N91 8Gb music edition – my new polished handsome toy. I’ve been using the N91 8GB for approximately 4 weeks...

    W580, N91 or motorokr E6?

    plz help me make a gud choice between W580, N91 and the Motorokr E6... Any other cellphones in this range?
  8. sandeepkochhar

    N91 8GB Is it available??

    I am interested in N91 8 GB model...But it seems to be a rarity in Delhi market...Why so?....Is it good or some serious issues are there with this phone...I like to use heavy phones...So weight is no problem for me...Mobiles I am using imate PDAL and Motorola E398 are no lightweights...
  9. D

    N91 8gb or W810 with 4gb

    hi everyone after much research i shortlisted 2 phone my requirements is quite simple music phone minimum 4gb space good battery life ( i travel frequently and i listen to music while travelling) n91 8gb i get for 11.5k w810 + 4 gb stick for 12k both with warranty i dont use symbian but...
  10. A

    Need help to decide on a N series phone

    Hi After deciding against an Ipod ( coz I need a phone too ) I am confused between the Nokia N91 and N73 . I basically need a phone which has the max memory and a I need it to play music (camera specs are not an issue ) Also on the mobile store N91 is shown tohave 4 GB memory while N73 is...
  11. Josan

    Nokia N91 8Gb For Sale

    Yeah Finaly im selling my 6 month old Nokia n91 Gb Phone with all the Accessary...what so ever Any body Wanna hav It ..........
  12. D

    A mobile for 10 -14k

    Hi I need to buy a mobile for 10-14k i am having w700i with 2gb card now and had 6630 a year back i want more space my options are w810i with 4 gb mspd comes for 12k or n91 8gb for nearly same price now my question 1 n91 8gb available for 12k does it has wifi if it has can i browse on it...
  13. I

    how is nokia n91?

    I am planning to buy a Nokia N91. Is there anyone who has used it? I am concentrating on the 4 GB version. I have heard that it is a bit bulky and big in size, and that its performance is a bit sluggish and keeps freezing. Is it worth buying? I am not much interested in the camera, but I need...
  14. M

    WTF!!! N91 8GB for Rs. 11,499 ?????

    Looks too tempting.... What say guys??? Check this out: *www.bsbazaar.com/Mobiles/pd.aspx?sku=PC4202007249495
  15. esumitkumar

    5700 vs N91 ME

    hi ya all which is better for playing games (good keypad) and for gud music ? Nokia 5700 or N91 ? also does N91 has a bigger screen than 5700 ?
  16. A

    Nokia Phones

    Hellooooooooo Any suggestion about Nokia 5700, N73ME and Nokia N91/N91 ME. My basic need is just calling and connectivity to internet (if possible). I'll try to be within range of Rs. 12.5K-13K (beyond is not a prob but i don't think so there is any need). 5700, I found appropriate, but WiFi...
  17. gxsaurav

    How is Nokia N91

    Relp....a friend requires a new Phone & has asked me for info & recommendation for Nokia N91 4 GB Model. He is getting it here for 13k. How is it? His requirement is an all in one PC replacement cost most of the time he is out. He needs a PDF Viewer, Camera which gives good enough pictures...
  18. confused!!

    a phone for 12000

    my budget is around Rs 12000 and i want a phone that should have: A 2 MP camera Good music and Fm player 3G,Edge Enabled(must) I have 2-3 models in my mind- 6233 - but it is 40 series phone 6300 - i have heard its battery life is low. what about N91 4Gb (quite Intersted), Nokia 5700(but i...
  19. K

    N91 4gb/n72/5700

    Ok! N91 4GB is really cheap now. N72 is good value for money at 9.8k. 5700 is cool. How do one decide? My preference will be ability to use lots of software. I read an article long ago about N91 using a newer updated version of symbian and hence became incompatible with many existing third-party...
  20. godling

    Nokia N91 and Speakers

    Guys, 1. Need the present price of the Nokia N91 (4GB version) and 2. Please recommend best in class 2.1 audio speakers.........(please, no cra* like Creative and Intex etc. I've just had it with these stupid makes which ruin the natural qualities of sound, and just add meaningless bass...
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