Nokia N91 and Speakers

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1. Need the present price of the Nokia N91 (4GB version)


2. Please recommend best in class 2.1 audio speakers.........(please, no
cra* like Creative and Intex etc. I've just had it with these stupid makes
which ruin the natural qualities of sound, and just add meaningless bass
boost and treble torture to them).

Can someone recommend high-end speakers which produce really balanced
sound? Someone told me Philips speakers are awesome at this......



Wise Old Owl
creative is not a cr@ppy brand. maybe their entry level speakers not not that gud at producing perfect sounds, but their top of the line series are really gud.

The Creative PC works 2.1 THX is a true performer. It wud cost u near 10k.
Another gr8 choice is Altec Lansing MX5021 THX 2.1 it wud cost u near 7k.
Or go for BOSE 2.1 range speakers. Id wud cost u b/w 10k and 20k.
Another gud brand is Clipch.
Also Logitech THX 2.1 series are also gud.

And whats ur budget ya?
And lastly, W900 and W950 has far better sound quality than N91 and theve got flash memory instead of microdrive in N91. Microdrive are not shock proof.
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