Need help to decide on a N series phone

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After deciding against an Ipod ( coz I need a phone too ) I am confused between the Nokia N91 and N73 . I basically need a phone which has the max memory and a I need it to play music (camera specs are not an issue )

Also on the mobile store N91 is shown tohave 4 GB memory while N73 is having 42 mb or something equally miniscule ...whaz the deal with that .

Your comments on these two phones ?


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Memory slot is available in N73. you can have upto 2gb of memory. I think you will get a 2gb memory free with N73ME.
And it might support 4gb with firmware updates in future.


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I think I shud revert back to an ipod , as no phone can give me the luxury of carrying around my music collection .


Nahh you must Go for Nokia N 91 8Gb ,,,,its sound is far better than the Nokia N73 ,,,,,,,,,,,and you can compare its sound to Ipod ,and it even it is better than ipod ........... i m using this phone and if you are a tru music lover than it will suit all your needs but remember dont but Nokia N73 ( as its sound quality is not to good )
just go for 91 or ipod ok


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You can use a 4GB memory card along with the N73ME. For greater storage, go for N91 8GB. I think 8Gb should be enough for you.


get an iphone 8GB if you can manage to get one at a decent price ( has it at IIRC 25K or thereabouts)
still overpriced, but you can try looking around locally
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