how is nokia n91?

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I am planning to buy a Nokia N91. Is there anyone who has used it? I am concentrating on the 4 GB version. I have heard that it is a bit bulky and big in size, and that its performance is a bit sluggish and keeps freezing. Is it worth buying? I am not much interested in the camera, but I need mainly music.

Today I went to check the shops but they told me that its production has been discontinued. Although in one shop, they told me that they could arrange it in black. Will it be safe buying in black? They have told me a price of Rs. 11,500/-.

I will be thankful if you people could give the pros and cons of this phone.


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N91 is not worth it.You need to be careful in handling that cellphone as,being hard drive based,even a small jolt can damage it.For music you can have a look at SE phones too.


but the sound of N91 is ultimate. the headphone sound quality is as good as apple ipod, but beware that n91 4gb is bundled with hs 62. while n91 8gb is not with hs 62.


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ok, after some research, i have dropped the idea of n91 as lot of people are saying that its performance is sluggish and that it hangs a lot. I am now getting interested in N73 music edition. I have been offered a price of Rs. 14,900 with headphones and 2 gb card. I was told that i will get the same headphone which are given with n91. can anyone confirm whether they are the same?

how is the audio quality of n73? also, are there any chances of lower prices during Diwali? I am thinking of buying the mobile during the first week of November.


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I would reccommend xm5700, it's a wonderful fone and it's a bit newer..
But if u insist, n73me is not that bad...Maybe u could also try the SE W580i
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