N73 Or N73me ???????????

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chirayu garg

I want to whether the difference is only of the 2GB card served with Music Edition or the sound is also good.

Also latest Prices of above both and N91 8GB

ALso whether N73ME or N91 8GB at the music point of view without earphones(I mean How's inbuilt speaker :-clearity,loudness etc........)
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both same hardware, only diff is the black color of ME , plus the free headphones and 2gb card.
both same sound quality and all


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Yes the black colour, 2gb card and the head set with the remote are the only differences. For sound with loudspeaker, N73 is better than N91 due to more powerful stereo speakers compared to N91's single speaker. For prices refer to the cell phone price sticky thread.


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With N73 ME you get the AD-41 adapter along with HS28 earphone. Rest all are the same, without considering the cost of the 2GB card.
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