1. RON28

    sealed pack Microsoft Intelli 3.0 or Logitech MX518

    I know this would really sound weird but i really want to know where can I buy a brand new Intelli 3.0 or Mx518 in India. I have been playing CS 1.6 for past 7 years and i broke my mx518 recently. I don't want G400 or G400s. I just want to buy a new mouse, either mx518 or Intelli 3.0. Can you...
  2. GhorMaanas

    Logitech MX518 (Old)

    Hello everyone! i wanted to buy the old Logitech MX518 mouse, preferably unused. is there any online retailer which still has a stock of it? please let me know. thanks!
  3. bajaj151

    Logitech mx518 PROBLEM

    I bought mx518 4 months back... From last 2 days...clicking on left button is not smooth as it was.. What should I do ?
  4. S

    Mouse + Mousepad suggestion.

    Hey guys. I need to buy a mouse + mouse pad. Currently own a mx518. served me well.But, I can't palm grip it.I use claw grip. Hands are small ( small palm and long fingers, freaky as **** xD). I was thinking of getting kinzu because of the small size, so that I could even palm it when...
  5. SlashDK

    Logitech MX518 hanging

    I bought my MX518 in December and it has been working fine till now. For a few days its been hanging for a few seconds every few minutes (very irritating while playing cs :x). The sound of hardware removed comes everytime it happens. I tried it on different USB ports but still no difference...
  6. DarkDante

    Steelseries Ikari vs Razer Deathadder

    Title says all,some advice please. Which one? Ps- i find the MX518 a bit large, will the ikari feel the same too?

    mouse and mouse pad under 2 k

    i was planning to buy a gamming mouse around 2k via and razor deathadder was my choice,high dpi,Extra buttons and al but it turns out,gamming mouse pads are essential for gamming mouse, now i have to find a mouse and a pad around 2k, my current selection is mx518(Logitch) and...
  8. C

    Cheapest gaming mouse !!!!!

    I want to buy a new mouse. I am a casual gamer (read noob) I play games like cs and DOTA I dont want to spend more than Rs 800 I have already seen the MX518 very good but costs 1.4 here Please suggest me a good mouse Thanks in advance...
  9. maverick786us

    Need recommendation for a good gaming mouse

    I am looking for a good gaming mouse. I came across 2 options Logitech G5 and Logitech MX518 Both seems to be superb mice for gaming. G5 seems to be too much expensive (3825 bucks). What is the price of MX518 in Bombay market? Is it really worth to spend so much amount on just a gaming...
  10. I

    Fs: Mx518

    For sale 2 months old MX518( with box & bill dated 4/4/8) bought from indiaplaza on 2nd april 08, in almost new condition coz i nvr used it only sister used it for 15 days when her mouse went ..kaput... She hs purchased a new mouse now so it's up for sale... My asking price is Rs. 1000 +...
  11. D

    To get Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard and MX518 Gaming Mouse

    :) Hi, members I want Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard and MX518 Gaming Mouse for gaming purpose in Kolkata. My system box - config: MSI K8N Diamond Plus; AMD 64x2 4800+; 1GB RAM and 250 WD HDD. Thanks
  12. Q

    [Gorgeous Beauty]My MX518 just arrived + Pics

    Hi Guys The MX518 just arrived posting the pics for u all. The mouse is simply amazing , never used such a mouse in my life. I just move my hand by a few millimeters and the pointer moves where i want to move it to automatically. I have packed my microsoft optical wheel...
  13. A

    Gaming mouse, G5 vs MX518

    I have decided to buy a gaming mouse for fps games. I was gonna buy a 1000bucks mouse but today only got an order for a mid range PC from friend. MX518 or G5. Both from Logitech, Microsoft has no mouse to fight these two. MS laser mouse 600 is not so good. The info here is...
  14. P

    G5 or MX518

    Which is better mouse for gaming? I got the price Rs. 2,600 for MX518. Any idea for G5's price? Do we need special mousepad for G5...??
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